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[0호] 승인 2006.06.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Kim Jee-hee
Dept. of Urban-Sociology

In 1997, the Department of Urban Sociology was established at the UOS. Most people do not know what Urban Sociology is.

Briefly, Urban Sociology is a study about ¡°city” and "society”. While general Sociology deals with issues of a whole society, Urban Sociology deals specifically with issues of urban society within a whole society. The Department of Urban Sociology provides students with a pluralistic combination of empirical approaches through multidisciplinary approaches and research training.

For this, the department offers a variety of training and research courses in urban structure, urbanization processes, and socio-cultural phenomena. It also supports students in grasping and systematically analyzing various urban phenomena. A license from the Department of Urban Sociology is available as a “Survey Analyst” (Senior/Junior).

This license can be very helpful because most local governments, private enterprises and organizations in charge of a public opinion poll demand such a license. Once you graduate, there are many jobs available to you. You can be the person in charge of social policy in local government, a cultural administration expert, an urban cultural curator, a survey expert, a professional in the press sector, a critic on culture, and so on.

Urban Film Festival

The “Urban Film Festival” is sponsored by the College of Urban Sciences, and is supervised by the Department of Urban Sociology.

This is its fourth year. They show movies that are just being released, or going to be released soon. The best part is that the movies are free! During the last film festival, they showed ¡°Take Care of my Cat”. That is the movie that many viewers considered the movie to be of outstanding quality. Unfortunately, it ended early because of low box-office sales.

That movie won popularity among UOS students, contrary to theater polls. That is also an opportunity for high school students to participate. There is a short film festival in the high school and university sections. Many students who are interested in movies take part in the festival.

Home Page :
Office of Dept. of Urban Sociology : 02)2210-2159
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