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God Made Nature, And Man Made the City
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[0호] 승인 2006.06.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Kim Soo-jeong
Campus Reporting Desk

Have you heard abut the Urban Administration? There is a specilized Dept. of this in the UOS. Let’s know about that!

What major is the Urban Administration?

Nowadays city is the primary source of development of nations and the center of most of those changes. However, finding experts to face and solve these problems is difficult. This has actually caused a limit of development within many cities.

The Department of Urban Administration is designed to train experts in this field. Urban administration is a synthetic study that covers most social studies to manage complicated cities. Urban administration is wider than public administration. As a city develops, citizen’s demand becomes more complicated. These circumstances need the Department of Urban Administrations help and guidance.

Is there something about the Dept. of Urban Administration of the UOS?

The Department of Urban Administration of the UOS was founded November 25th, 1981 for the first time in the Korea. As a result of the 2000th state examination, there were five successful candidates in the Department of Urban Administration.

They succeeded in various parts including Administration, Law, and Appraisal. In the Department of Urban Administration, students can study a wide variety of subjects. Administration, Business Administration, Law, and Real Estate are major subjects of them. So students can choose various professions.

Words of seniors

97’ Choi Moo-yeol : God made nature and man made the city. Don’t you wonder what city? Our Dept. of Urban Administration will satisfy your curiosity.
00’ Byeon Jong-hyeok: The city is not the only place that people live. The city is where humans live too. To know about the city is to know about the human.
00’ Yeun Sung-ho - Join our city and study!! We will be waiting for you.

Home Page : http://www.uos.ac.kr/~urban/index.htm
Office of Dept. of Urban Administration : 02)2210-2241
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