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Why Don’t We Enjoy ‘Flash’ ?
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[0호] 승인 2006.06.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Kim Minjung
Junior Reporter

Nowadays “flash” has become very popular. We can see this not only in the internet community site but also on TV. For example, a chicken shop is making its commercials with a flash character called Jollaman Also, a rabbit called Mashimaro came out as a doll and a key holder. With all this flash character madness, many people became interested in flash and are even trying to learn how to make flash themselves. Then, why don’t we look at some sites which show us flash animations and teach us how to make a flash.


This site shows only flash animation. In this site we can find many flash animations that we like. Jollaman, Mashimaro, Potress, Chiana man, Snowcat, Clickclick, Puca and so on. We can see over 40 flash animations here. There are also flash animation, featuring about comic books such as Jjang or Ya inoma. There are also other kinds of flash and an advertisement of other new homepage.


In this site we can find much information about flash. There are flash examples that the visitors made, and examples of e-cards. We can also learn how to make a flash. It is explaining this very easily. It also provides us with music and animation sources so we can make a flash without searching around other sites. In here it is showing good books and softwares about making a flash.


When you go inside this site you will notice it is different from other sites. It is teaching visitors how to make a flash from an amateur’s position to a professional position. Since it is a professional site, it is very systematic. If you store your flash on this site you can listen to other people’s thoughts about your masterpiece.

You can also ask questions about making a flash and get the answers to your questions. If you are a web designer trying to get a job or looking for another designer you can put an advertisement on this site. There is also a “best flash chart” where you can find other cool sites which is talking about flash.

You can find this chart also in the homepage above. (http://www.yawoong.com) This homepage (http://www.bestflash.com) is recorded top on this chart.
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