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What Is for Women?“Morning-After pills”
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[0호] 승인 2006.06.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Kim Jee-hee

You can avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex if you take this pill within 72 hours. Recently, the people representing various women and human rights groups discussed the imported French-made emergency contraceptive pill commonly referred to as “Morning-After pills.” They insist that this form of contraception can decrease the pain of women who get pregnant as a result of rape.

On the other hand, religious groups are opposed to this import because they strongly support the belief that a fetus is a life from its inception. Before we say which group is right or wrong, we must review several points on both sides of this issue. A big benefit of “Morning-After pills” is its convenience.

It is simple, it is fast, and it is less invasive than surgery. On the other hand, some believe it can encourage sexual promiscuity in our society. If you can avoid pregnancy with only one pill, anxiety about pregnancy suddenly disappears.

That could encourage the already problematic issue of illegal teen sex. Another problem is the overuse of “Morning-after pills” Overuse can damage the health of women. If everyone can buy the medicine with ease, sales cannot be controlled.

Although the import of this medicine is admitted at a loss, sale of it must be entrusted to the government. This would allow more control of its use by using strict criteria before dispensing prescriptions. But is birth control a personal, individual decision? Do women want to have the government decide if they can or cannot eliminate an unwanted pregnancy?

And how many deaths have occurred as a result of a faulty abortion? What is really best for women? We must give serious consideration to the impact that the “Morning-after pills” place on our society as well as insist that the pain of women be reduced. We faced a similar problem when looking at the pros and cons about abortion.

You cannot decide without carefully considering both sides of this issue. It is said that whether it is imported or not is decided through an opinion poll to reflect various people’s opinion. Both sides must prudently think - “What is best for women?”
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