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[0호] 승인 2006.06.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Kim Soo-jeong
Campus Reporting Desk

Nowadays, the weather is really crazy and people don’t like it! What is the problem? Why does it suddenly rain, then suddenly turn cold, and just as quickly, become hot? This situation has become quite absurd. Why does the weather have such a strong influence over people? Below are some interesting stories about weather and its effect on people.

GwaGeo - the examination that considered weather

We can see how weather is related to examination in deference to GwaGeo.

When students participate in GwaGeo, if a student is too cold to take the test, a supervisor simply stamps the word Gisoi (A Chinese word that means having a feeble body because of cold weather,) or, Jinpil (It’s also Chinese and its meaning is similar to Gisoi) on a test paper, to consider weather as a factor for participation. How gentle it was!

Making money with weather

Companies that sell products related to the weather are becoming very popular. Many companies actually sell insurance to guarantee the weather. Cony & Baro, the wine chain store in the British of Kingdom, get 15 thousands pounds if the temperature does not go above 24 degrees each Thursday and Friday because, people usually drink alcohol in hot weather.

In Korea, some companies have also begun to sell weather insurance. For example, one company actually sells rain insurance to protect the bride and groom against rain on their wedding day. As for marketing, it was very simple in the past. But, nowadays, art weather has become very popular.

Art weather promotes custom made informational products. For example, information on weather patterns at sea for fishermen, sports weather information on scheduled game days, information of good weather to study for students. Based on these situations, you can see why weather specialists would be so important and eventually, become very famous.

Weather is the weapon

Highly sophisticated techniques are being used to circumvent natural weather patterns. The first technique is rainmaking. When the Peking Asian Games were held in 1990, a rain cloud was coming to Peking.

So China conducted rainmaking before two days to create fine weather during the opening ceremony. Russia is another country that is using rainmaking. The United States used rainmaking throughout the Vietnam War. In the future, the weather will be an important weapon, with the strength similar to nuclear weapons.

Weather as a box office draw

1) White Squall This movie was based on a true story about a weather phenomenon referred to as, white squall. The story about white squall spread by only fisher. We can see the power of nature through white squall in this movie.

2) Storm Chaser & The Avengers These movies introduced the idea that humans could control the weather.

Weapons using weather were the plots of these movies. There was a villain who wanted to conquer the world with weather. Once again, we can see how can weather is used as a weapon in these movies.
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