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[0호] 승인 2006.06.08  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
When I read The UOS Times for the first time, I was favorably impressed at the compositions and contents of the paper. There were many varied and deeply critical articles, which included issues from inside and outside of our school.

So, I thought it could be helpful for students in obtaining more useful information, in addition to study English if they read this paper steadily with enthusiasm. When I read the last issue, No. 71 magazine, I got loads of informative news, just as I had before with all previous issues.

First of all, I totally agreed with the article ‘On the Battlefield of University PR’. This article revealed the overall impression of The UOS on potential new freshmen and suggested possible methods to advertise our school more effectively. Reading this article, I thought we needed to arrange some special PR meetings like those at Cahongi of Catholic University. Or maybe we should use the mass media like TV, radio or the Internet.

I agree with the point that using Internet is one of the most efficient forms of PR.

In the ‘A Europe Travel Sketch’, a student’s article about his trip to Europe, the famous places he visited were well explained with nice pictures. Recently, our school selected 200 students who would travel abroad on vacation.

So, I thought this article would be helpful to those who were interested in traveling abroad. However, I was sorry that this article was too short since it only contained 2 pages and I thought he could have told more stories about his European travels. By reading this magazine, I could see the efforts of many reporters who were willing to write and edit excellent articles.

But I was left with an unsatisfied feeling about the lack of publicity The UOS Times was receiving. Because of this, in my opinion, this paper is not as appealing to students as it could be. Frankly, many students do not know when this paper is published and where they can get it. Therefore, I hope that the reporters can advertise the magazine more effectively.

I wish there will be endless glory for The UOS Times and I am anxiously awaiting the next edition.

Choi Kyung-min
Sophomore, Dept. of English Lang. & Lit.


Congratulations! Three freshmen have become the cub-reporters of The UOS Times. They are Shin Sang-woo(Faculty of Business Administration), Oh Hye-jin(Dept. of Philosophy) and Kim Min-jung(Dept. of Urban Sociology).
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