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[0호] 승인 2006.06.08  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Without our realizing it, boring winter vacation is reaching to the end. It snowed heavily and was unusually cold, it seems to make me intimidated. I cherished great expectations for the vacation because this was my first vacation in university. The last magazine edition was a great help to me.

It’s so good to deal with methods of learning English because not only university student, but also Korean students are struggling to learn English. And it’s also good to deal with information about foreign company. Last edition was a great guide because I had no idea how to study English even though I knew the necessity of it. What is better, I learned many things from an article concerning Linux more than before.

It was an article about volunteer activity I read with great interest. Even now, I have considered volunteer activity as a step only for an entrance exam or employment. Reading that report provided me with opportunity to understand why and how we take part in volunteer activities. A new school term is coming. Around this time, not only a freshman but also a senior student would have great expectations about starting new school life.

For freshman, entrance into university is a great turning point in his or her life because it is a change from passive life to a beginning of self-controlling life. Until now they must have lived following will or a wish of others. But from now they should decide everything for themselves. They might enjoy a feeling of freedom. On the other hand they might have stress from the new life.

At the same time, they might have no idea how to manage university life. A senior student will be the same. With expectation about freshman and the reconsideration about last year, new resolution to live full this year will be on their mind. What I want from the UOS Times is that the UOS Times become familiar to all students.

Seeing the photographs of the first page, I could remember my old days. Though those were not dealt with as an article, photos. As a freshman, knowing what seniors experienced will be enough to understand seniors. I hope social problems can be also dealt with if it can be a source for public debate in the school.

Son Mi-yeon
Sophomore, Dept. of Public Administration
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