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[0호] 승인 2006.06.08  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
To hear professional opinion, The UOS Times interviewed Lee Jong-hyuk who is the manager of, public information portal knowledge site, and lecturer of Seoil University.

Q1. Nowadays many universities struggle to advertise their universities. What is the difference between universities’ advertisement and commercial companies’ advertisement?

A1. Commercial companies’ purpose is to gain profits. They do short-term advertisement as well as long-term advertisement. However, universities are more focusing on long-term advertisement. Students and staffs always need to be ready to change their fixed idea. And universities need to reform themselves in each term if they want to prepare some new sources for advertisement.

Q2. The UOS is in poor condition about public information section. But our university has privilege as a municipal university. The UOS can use a down-block office or a civil affairs office. What kind of advertisement method would be recommendable?

A2. People misunderstand that university must advertise via mass media. However, university is the place where makes culture and style. The importance is reputation that is being built by its students. In case of your university, the UOS have to slough off old image as a community and municipal university. The slogan, “Myeongmun Sidae” can not appeal to many people, either.

Q3. One officer of public information section of other university said “Do not imitate others’ methods. Unique method is needed.” That is right. But it is not easy to figure out unique method. What do we need to keep in mind when we do advertisement?

A3. First of all, select suitable message based upon present data about the UOS’s target and select suitable media to transmit the message. After selecting message, everyone in the UOS should cooperate each other to transmit the message through every possible way. They can be homepage, advertisement, speech, campaign of university and so forth.

Q4. Finishing the interview, do you have any comments?

A4. Just thinking about your university is already meaningful. First, consult foreign universities’ case and do benchmarking. Especially, it is better to announce your university’s unique points than to reannounce the similar things of the brand name colleges in the area. In addition, build new culture of your own university. Those will be helpful for promoting your school.
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