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How to Use Laptop Computer Usefully in the UOS
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[0호] 승인 2006.06.08  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Kim Yong-kuk

As computer users increase, people are becoming increasingly interested in convenience to carry, yet expensive laptop computers.

Students actually dream of word-processing and playing games with laptop computer in Student Hall. More impatiently the need for a place for using the internet in the UOS is increasing.

Unfortunately the only place is in the 4th floor in the library. There are LAN lines equipped in all the lecture rooms, but disturbances of other difficulties exist. The following is from a diary of a computer literate female.

I woke up to the alarm of my laptop computer at 8:00. I was worried because I would not recharge my battery enough for 9 o’clock class. I went to school with my laptop computer in which the floppy disk I was working with last night was inserted.

I could not finish my homework that I supposed to hand in for 5th class today. Having breakfast in a hurry, I could barely attend a class in time. The professor planned to show us slide films but he forgot to carry his laptop computer. So he borrowed my laptop computer for the lecture.

Right after finishing the class with satisfaction, I went cafeteria in Natural Science Building and warmed my frozen body. I could finish the report whose deadline is 5th class at 1:00. Carrying floppy disk in right hand and laptop computer in left hand, I ran to print out and made it to in time. A while ago, I could print out right after finishing my report in computer lab.

Anyway, I decided to go to library because there left some hours before next class. Comparing this , carrying laptop computer is bothersome, however, I can not help it. On the way to the library, I listened to music through laptop computer which used to be regarded as heavy and bothersome to carry.

While I was studying, I sent e-mail to my boy friend connecting my notebook to LAN terminal which people do not use because they do not know how to use in the electrical information room on 4th floor in library.

Thinking of my boy friend who will be happy with my e-mail, I left the library. I hurried up not to be late for the class, however, it was difficult to pack and carry the heavy laptop computer.

I was late for the class in Jeonnong Hall. Seeing how the wind blows, I was attending the lecture at the back of the room typing the lecture contents by laptop computer.

Despite professor’s misunderstandings( he thought I was playing game, chatting on the net, or web surfing), I thought using the laptop computer in the class room is efficient for making lecture note. Meanwhile the class was over.

I submitted report finished in haste, and I ran to the Student Hall for meal. There were few people eating lunch, because it was about 3 o’clock. While filling up myself, I watched the short movie which was downloaded last night. I felt as if I was eating lunch watching TV in my room. Even though I had lunch alone, I did not feel lonely. After lunch I went to Electrical Engineering Building for another class.

I arrived early so I turned on the laptop computer and clicked internet icon by chance. Strangely enough the internet was working. With surprise, I surfed net till the professor came. I found out later that the UOS was testing wireless internet in front of University Center, Main Auditorium and Electrical Engineering Building.

Dreaming of using internet without LAN terminal wherever in our campus, I headed for my house after the last class. About an hour later, an old pal of mine called me to play “Fotress2 blue.”

My sister was writing a report with the desktop computer, so I played the game with laptop computer connecting to the LAN terminal. After I enjoyed games, I was writing my diary with the laptop computer looking back my busy day and saying good night.

Can you catch the point of this diary? To be frank, there are many disadvantages as well as advantage in using laptop computer. There still are inconveniencies because school does not have proper facilities for laptop computer in using internet. It will be frustrating if we can use our laptop computer only for typing our homework at school.

Laptop computer has various function, such as portable CD player, portable TV, lecture note and supplementary function for the lectures(Slide, Presentation). Even though laptop computer is too heavy and uncomfortable to carry, considering its mobility and various functions, there is nothing better than laptop computer to utilize for all the functions wherever we want. However it is too hard to use laptop computer without being irritated.

There is no right place to use internet. It is impossible to surf the net with laptop computer except the lecture rooms and library. I hope the UOS help student use laptop computer through wireless terminal wherever students need to use. That will be another solution to keep up with this “Information Age”.
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