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[0호] 승인 2006.06.08  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Lots of students might have used the kiosk box located on the campus at least once. It is true that the kiosk box provides convenience. However, as time goes by, we will find some problems and must find possible improvements. How can we make the kiosk box more convenient and useful?

What is the main problem?

First, Linux and Microsoft Windows are mixed. This mixed system is good for stability. But it is natural for the less skilled computer users to encounter difficulty with the different GUI (Graphic User Interface) operating system.

Second, there is no proper maintenance system after its installation. Originally, Samsung SDS was in charge of its installation; however, there was no clear plan about its maintenance and repair. Regular maintenance and repair are not provided.

As a result, it is impossible to repair the computers before problems are reported to the Computer Center. This is the main reason why the kiosk box in Social Science Building is not working. Third, there are not enough kiosk boxes in school. The number and distribution of the kiosk boxes are far from being enough for students usage requrements.


First, if the kiosk box uses a familiar operating system such as Microsoft Windows, more students can easily use it. Second, how about installing built-in headphones and microphones so students can use the headphone and microphone terminal already installed in the kiosk box.

Third, why do not we install floppy disk drives in the boxes? Then, students can easily download or copy files from the internet to their diskette. We could also attach a scroll bar to the touch pad input device, or replace the touch pad with a familiar mouse.

The last but the most important pont important is to use resources on campus as efficiently as possible with proper maintenance.


Not only the kiosk boxes, but also PDPs are also a part of the university’s information-oriented project. We can access information more easily with the above mentioned ideas through these convenient devices. What is needed more urgently is not to install those devices, but to maintain what we already have installed.

Interview with Lee Young-mi, in charge of the kiosk boxes, at the Computer Center.

Q : How many kiosk boxes are located and where are they located?

A : Now, there are 6 boxes in the Music Dept. Building, Baebong Hall, Social Science Building, Liberal Arts Building, Students Hall and Natural Science Building.

Q : The kiosk boxes located in our campus need to be improved. What do you think about that?

A : There is no proper maintenace and repair system yet. It is true that there are some problems. We will postively accept some suggestions, such as the built-in headphone and microphone, floppy disk drive, install Microsoft Windows operating system, and etc. that were mentioned during this interview.

27 Kiosk boxes will be installed this year. They have a good-looking design and are based on Microsoft Windows operating system. Students’ suggestion will be applied when we install the new kiosk boxes.

How about the PDP (Plasma Display Pannel)?

The two displays, located in front of Jeonnong Hall and Student Hall are called PDP. These PDPs were installed around the same time as the kiosk boxes, but are not operating properly.

Even though the power is on, we can only see the black power-off screen or blue Windows screen. Sometimes there have been simple notifications like. However, they are still not utilized efficiently. Accrodingly there are some suggestions concerning PDP.


First. let us utilize the PDPs as often as possible. We can display advertisements of the UOS, link the bulletin board of the UOS homepage for practical purpose, or display useful advertisements for our students.

It is also possible to post useful news with letters and pictures. Second, by adding a sound device to the PDP, we can make the best use of it. Then, we can transmit internet broadcasting of the UOS through PDP in the near future.
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