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[0호] 승인 2006.06.20  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
In the University of Seoul (UOS) there is a renowned robot production group, ZETIN. ZETIN is an abbreviation of ZEro To INfinity, meaning to achieve boundless growth from nothing. Since it started in 1993 as a small gathering, ZETIN has been very active.

NEWS@UOS met vice-president Noh Hyeon-cheol, a junior of the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering. “When I was in elementary school, I decided to study the field of engineering. I was immensely interested in computer. After entering university, I became interested in robots. So I joined ZETIN without any hesitation.

Now, I think, I can`t live without robots.” NEWS@UOS recognized his passion for ZETIN. ZETIN is composed of members from various grades and all members are majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. ZETIN has many programs scheduled for each year. In March, it recruits freshmen and educates them about the basics of robotics twice a week. In May and June, it produces foundational hardware and prepares contests.

During the summer vacation period, ZETIN takes part in all sorts of contests. In the second semester, it participates in various games and holds seminars. All members of ZETIN live in Dong-a-ri room. He said “In this space, we can do everything. We do our homework and eat daily meals. We feel all our members are like one family. In ZETIN, there are only three women. We wish that many women would join ZETIN.”

When asked if he has any difficulty, he said, “The most toilsome thing is staying up all night. To prepare for one contest, I must stay awake three nights. And robot production needs high concentration and fortitude. I sometimes feel like giving up but thinking of the complete robot I gather all my strength. When a robot operates, I forget the painful process.” He has received about six prizes since he was a freshman. He said “The charm of robot production is like a drug.

Once it stared, I`d like to do continually. I think that is the attraction.” He also added “I really like my ZETIN companions. After finishing difficult tasks, I feel like we have a closer friendship. That is the other reason why I can’t cut off this Dong-a-ri.” Passionate youth, Noh Hyeon-cheol said that he would like to continue to study correlating robots after graduating university. He is planning to enter some contests during this vacation.

Hitherto, ZETIN had devoted to Linetracer and Micromouse. ZETIN has many schemes for opening up the new robot field, Humanoid and Artificial Intelligence. NEWS@UOS sought some advice from Noh Hyeon-cheol for UOS students. “I hope that many UOS students have many and various experiences.

When we’re young, I think, we have to do numerous things that we really want. Don’t be chained to simply school credits. Of course, basic grade control is needed. But I hope that doesn’t go too far. With ardor, do things you like. Youthfulness is the most important asset for university students.”
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