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`Realize the Dream of Your Youth.`Interview with Choi Dae-hyeon (`94, Dept. of Urban Engineering)
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[0호] 승인 2006.11.14  
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Amongst the University of Seoul (UOS) alumni, thereare ardent seniors who are members of society.News@UOS met Choi Dae-Hyeon, news anchor,who takes an active part in broadcasting.

He is a graduate ofthe Dept. of Urban Engineering (`94). In 2000, he became amember of morning programs and pro-baseball broadcasting.Through the Gang-won commercial broadcast he joined MBCin 2002. He is in charge of midday news and evening news onSundays.News@UOS visited the MBC broadcasting station to meetChoi Dae-Hyeon, news anchor. He guided us kindheartedlyand had an interview.

When asked why do you think you weredetermined to be an news anchor, he said, “To be frank withyou, the dream of being an news anchor came about not when Iwas a juvenile but after finishing military duty. I had thoughtover what I should do in days to come.

All of a sudden Iswitched on a television news broadcast, I saw the magnificentnews announcer then. I was entranced by the figure andresolved to become an announcer.” After defining his objective,he prepared for the press test on a full scale and achievedhis dream after years of hard work.At entrance interview, he got examination number‘320001’, that the very first of numerous applicants. “I wasstrung up before the interview; however, there is merit in beingthe first one.

That is, I got the expected questions.” he said witha smile. He has had various specialities since he was a student.As soon as he entered university, he was selected as departmentrepresentative and become a cheering party leader whilein the military. Last year, he married Park Seong-hwa, newsanchor, who had met in Gang-won commercial broadcast.

“Now my wife quit her job; however, she is good at understandingmy professional peculiarities. I feel really joyful whenI return home.” he said with a smile.The job of news anchor is called a swan in broadcasting;however, a swan also paddles continually to maintain its grace.This profession needs thorough self-management. “I alwayshave to strive to broadcast accurate and fair news. I sometimesmake mistakes on-air.

It is important to continually makepreparations to reduce those mistakes.”News@UOS sought some advice from Choi Dae-Hyeonfor UOS students. “Don’`t be locked in university. Try to dovarious things. It is really important to have bigger dreams andthe most important thing is that you really know what youlike.” He still makes an effort to be a better announcer.

Weexpect him to perform earnest activities in broadcasting as aproud UOS alumnus. For more questions about Choi Dae-Hyeon, visit or send an e-mail
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