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How about Going to Europe Next Summer?
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[0호] 승인 2006.11.14  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
"How about going to Europe next summer?” I said tomy friends during our regular club meeting. At thattime, GLP, the UOS new program interested me, andI was eager for a challenge.

But in order to do that, I neededpeople who can really help me, so I chose members of myclub. We started to prepare for GLP when spring came. All ofus were busy so we couldn’t prepare for it during our winterbreak. At the start of March, we gathered together and startedsome researches. After a long argument, we decided on ourproject.

‘The Relations between Alcoholic Beverages and theirEffects on the City’ was our theme, and we named ourselves‘Dionysus’, the god of fertility and wine. With some luck, ourteam was accepted to go to Europe. Finally, on 26th of June,we were ready to set off to the new land, Europe!The first place we visited was Munich, the city of beer. Aswe looked around the city, we could easily find many placeswhere people can buy and enjoy beer, especially places likeparks and marketplaces.

But the most interesting places werethe beer-parks that all members could never forget. In Munich,there were six famous beer-parks and others of varying sizes.Most of them were near places where people can enjoy the naturalenvironment. Many families came out to have picnics, theelderly were exercising as well as dating and so were the youngcouples.

It was nice and cool, so we wanted to stay there for acouple more days. But we had to move on to find out stuffabout Oktoberfest, the main reason we chose Munich as one ofour destinations. Oktoberfest is one of the biggest beer festivalson earth, which is held by the city every year. It started as a celebrationof a prince marrying a princess, and since then, it hasbecome an annual event.

Every year, around six million peoplecome to enjoy Oktoberfest, and there is so much to see andenjoy that people cannot do the entire thing even they have awhole week of time.With our inconvenience on our back, we moved on to thenext city, Bordeaux, the city of wine. We stayed there forthree days. While staying there, we went on a vineyard tripand participated in a wine festival.

At the festival, therewere so many wines to taste that we wanted to havethem all but since we had to carry out our mission,we had to bear it. Bordeaux’s wine festival is thebiggest wine festival anywhere in the world, andwine producers from all over the world comehere to advertise their wines. You can buy aglass of wine and can have a taste of all the wine you want. Itwas pretty nice to taste all the different types of wine.

At thevineyard, we looked around the place and actually saw how thewines were being made. It was very interesting with all themachines and know-how that we did not know about before. IfI had to tell you the funny episode that happened to us inBordeaux, I would tell you about this. Did you ever know thatyou cannot buy anything after 10pm in France?

We didn`t, sowe went to the market after 10pm to buy some wine and stuff,and they did not sell them. Also almost every store is closed onSundays so we had to starve all day because we could not buyany food. We were very hungry.With our hungry stomach, we went to our final destination,Scotland, the place of Scotch whisky.

From Scotland, we wentto visit the Whisky Museum and Whisky Trail to find stuffabout the Scotch whisky. They were so proud of their beverage.We could feel that because everywhere you go inScotland, you can see Scotch whisky being sold, and all ofthem are self-conceited with it.

We envied them very much andhoped one day, our beverage could be the No.1 beverage of theworld. While visiting Scotland, we saw the Queen. People saidthat we were very lucky to see her because she does not comeout in public very often.Anyway, after two weeks in Europe, our trip came to anend.

It was such a fantastic time that even as I am writing rightnow, I want to go there again. I think that this GLP program isunique. So I want all of the students in the UOS to have a tryfor this program because it is worth it when you get to achieveit.

I want to thank our school for providing us with such a wonderfulprogram. Also I want to thank my team; we showedgreat team work both in and outside Korea. Have a try forGLP, you won`t regret it!
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