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[0호] 승인 2007.01.30  
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Design of the UOS homepage ( has changed to better serve users.The UOS homepage and the admissions page are mainly changed. Park Jin-a and JhoJeong-yeon who won first and second place in Miss University Pageant, grace thenewly changed homepage.

Student Union Candidates

CandidatesCandidates of the President and VicePresident of Student Union were chosenthrough a candidate screening process onNovember 11. The presidential candidateis Kim Yun-seong, a junior in theSchool of Environmental Engineeringand the vice-presidential candidate isKim Jeong-min, a junior in the Dept. ofInternational Relations.

The referendumwas held from November 28 to 30. Tobe ratified, the turnout must be morethan fifty percent of the entire studentsbody of the UOS and the approval ratingmust be more than fifty percent of voters.The 43rd Student Union will launchin March 2007.

Second Irumi Membersare Selected

The University of Seoul selected thesecond Irumi. Many students who werefull of enthusiasm to promote the UOSapplied for Irumi on October 20 toNovember 4.

Twelve candidates wereshort-listed through examining their personalhistories and resume, were finallyselected through an interview onNovember 20. They will publicize theUOS with the first Irumi.

`TeachingWorkshop` is Held

On Nov. 2, `the TeachingWorkshop` was held at the first basementof the University CenterAuditorium. Seventy professors and lecturersattended this workshop. This consistedof two main parts: `TeachingKnow-how` and `Types of Utilization.` UOS has a plan to continue this workshopand make a division to manage theteaching methods.

Academic Exchanges Recognized

During this 2006 Winter Semester,students can take classes at KonkukUniversity and Hanyang University, andtheir grades can be recognized. Studentswho have had a grade average of 3.0throughout all years in the UOS are ableto apply to those universities.

Also theUOS has expanded diverse exchangeprograms. Those will help studentsexpand their field by attending variousacademic lectures. Application wasrequired by November 10 for KonkukUniversity and November 17 forHanyang University.

DCF - KTF CEOJo Young-ju

The UOS invited KTF CEO JoYoung-ju to the Discovery Course forthe Future Program (DCF).

DCF is oneof the programs to make the UOS studentsmore forward-thinking and extendtheir point of view around the world.Among lots of student who gathered tohear his speech, he introduced himself asCSO: Chief Servant Officer. He saidcommunication always helps to understandtrends and culture.

He told usremarkable mottos from his life, the firstone of those is whatever you do now;you should always try to obtain knowledgeand wisdom. He added you shouldalways think about your partner and considerof other`s feelings and rememberto treat your partners and your workvaluably.

`Discussion withthe President`

On November 7, a UOS event,`Discussion with the President` washeld at the Natural Science Building.There were discussions about externalissues such as public relations and internationalexchange as well as internalissues such as sanitation of the cafeteria,the dormitory, etc.

Many students cameand expressed their concern aboutschool.

42nd Chrysanthemum Exhibition

From November 3 to 10, the 42ndChrysanthemum Exhibition was held onthe first floor of the 21st CenturyBuilding. This exhibition was managedby professors and students of the Dept.of Environmental Horticulture. Studentssent in flowerpots of chrysanthemums,which expressed passion and sincerityfor this year`s learning.

This exhibitionis the most traditional chrysanthemumexhibition in Korea. People who came tothis exhibition had time to refresh andfind the generosity of nature.

Campaign, `Sex,We Can Talk aboutIt with Dignity!`

On Nov. 3, the `Sex, We Can Talkabout It with Dignity!` to promote a safesex culture was held in front of the MainAuditorium. The aim of this event wasto give accurate information and createopen discussion about sex. Over andabove the formal sex educational system,they gave various types of actualtraining and information.

This event consistedof six programs, which were: menand women getting to know each other,making menstrual cycle bracelets, true offalse quiz about sex, experiencing pregnancyand so on. This was a great opportunityfor students who have been misinformedabout sex.
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