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[0호] 승인 2007.01.30  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Special Exhibition,`Joseon MeetsModern`

The UOS Museum reopened afterremodeling on September 26. To markthe remodeling of the museum, a specialexhibition, `Joseon Meets Modern` isbeing held.

This exhibition was plannedto reflect on ourselves through the modernizationof the Joseon Dynasty in thelatter half of the 19th century. Spectatorscan see many historical materials, whichshow the modernization of the JoseonDynasty. This special exhibition isexpected to be held until December 6.

Global Cities andInternship Program

The Institute of InternationalCooperation and Education selected studentsto take part in the program forurban experts consist of two differentprograms: the Global Cities Program andInternational Urban Expert ForeignInternship.

Internship highlighted twocountries, the USA and Japan. If you area student in the College of UrbanSciences, you can apply for this program.The qualification for this programis a TOEIC score more than 750 to go tothe USA and a first class in JLPT or aJPT score of more than 750 to tryout forJapan. Orientations for both programswere held.

These programs are part ofurban science specialization. Throughthese experiences, students will be ableto learn about the developing processesand culture of advanced urban sciences.

Students Win Various Competitions

The UOS students played activeparts in various public competitions.Kim Ji-hyeok (Dept. of Architecture`99) won 1st place and the Award of theMinistry of Culture and Tourism in the2006 Architectural Institute of Koreapublic competition.

Lee Sang-won(Dept. of Industrial and Visual Design`03) along with three other students submittedtheir work "Design Factory" andreceived the 1st prize in the 3rd NationalExhibition of Korean LandscapeArchitecture. In the same contest,"Breathing Sports" submitted by Sin Jun-ho (Dept. of Industrial and VisualDesign `01) along with three other studentswas selected as a special work. Inthe 2006 Human, Nature, Culture,Friendly Urban Planning Contest, a UOSteam consisting of Kim Do-hun (Dept.of Urban Engineering `03), Han Soyoung(Dept. of Urban Engineering`03), Choi Sat-byeol (Dept. of UrbanEngineering `03), Han Seon-Heui (Dept.of Urban Engineering `03) and CheonJang-hwan (Dept. of Industrial andVisual Design `03) took the best prize inthe urban planning section. Finally,ZETIN, the UOS robotics club, won theMinister Prize in the 2006 Robot WorldContest from the Ministry of Commerce,Industry and Energy.

Open House Day at Dormitory

Open House Day was held in thedormitory of the UOS, Saenghwal-Gwanon Nov. 3. Anyone could enter and seethe dormitory including students` parentsand their friends at this event. "Thepurpose of Open House Day is to openthe dormitory to people who wonderabout it.

I want UOS students who livein the dormitory to be banded togetherthrough this." said Kim Jin-woo, a directorof the dormitory. Some of the dormitorywindows were illuminated, spellingout U-O-S.

After that, students and visitorssang songs together and so on. Alsothe award ceremony for best photographof the dormitory was held.Dept. of MusicHolds 2006 RegularConcertUOS students and professors of theDept. of Music held 2006 RegularConcert in the Universal Art Center onNovember 12, 2006.

Professors of theDept. of Music performed in the firstpart. They began by performing theoverture to `Die Leichte Kavallerie`.Lee So-yeon, a professor from the Dept.of Music, was next, performing `TheFlight` for orchestra. After this, `Largoal factotum della citta`, `SingosanTaryeong`, `Kuda, Kuda, Kuda viudalilis, Vesni moyei zlatiye dmi?` and `Granada` were played.

All students ofthe Dept. of Music performed `From theNew World` by Dvorak. They hadshown their hard work and effortthrough this concert.

Student ServiceCenter ProvidesCounselingThe Student Service Center is providingcounseling for students who areinterested in Language Training such asEnglish as a Second Language (ESL)from November for free.

This programhas had developed by the StudentService Center and a counselor of theInstitute of International Cooperationand Education. They furnish informationabout the features of each country, visainsurance etc., to help students to plan anefficient university life. It takes abouttwo hours.

It will be effective for studentswho are planning or preparing fordifferent language practices. Counselingstarts at 3 PM, every Thursday and attendeeswill form small groups of three toseven. This program is supported by EFInternational Language Schools.

If youare interested in participating, e-mail or call 02)2210-2645.President of TokyoGakugei Univ. VisitsUOSOn Oct. 31, 2006, PresidentWashiyama Yasuhiko of Tokyo GakugeiUniversity (TGU) made a courtesy callon Lee Sang-bum, President of theUniversity of Seoul.

President Lee visitedexchange universities in Japan in Jan.2004. They discussed exchange students,scholarship programs and a plan for revitalizinginternational exchange. PresidentWashiyama and his associateslooked around the main facilities: thedormitory and the museum.

TGU andUOS have had about five exchange studentssince they formed an agreement in1998. This year, two TGU students andfive UOS students are participating inthis program.How to Reach News@UOSDo you have a news tip to passalong to News@UOS?

Pleasedon`t hesitate to contact us. Weaccept information in both Koreanand English.Tel : (02)2210-2369Homepage :
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