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Cantabile, the First Amateur
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[0호] 승인 2007.01.30  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
One autumn day with a chilly wind blowingand leaves falling, the sounds of musicalinstruments emanate from an auditoriumin the Birch Hall. Violin, cello, clarinet, flute andso on.Those sounds are coming from ‘`Cantabile’`,the amateur orchestra of the UOS. Cantabile is thefirst orchestra club in deed as well as in name.

The students who first thought too rganize Cantabileare Hong Seong-jo and Kim Da-jeong.They gathered orchestra membersthrough the `Univ. of SeoulSquare`, the UOS`s online community,this spring. Unexpectedlythere were many students who had been feeling the lackof a nor chest ral clubin the UOS . " Ihave played in orchestras outsideschool; only the UOS did not havean amateur orchestra.

So I thought it would becool if I could perform with a group of studentsfrom the same school." said Hong Seong-jo, Deptof Business Administration `02.Cantabile is not an official club yet. The numberof students who have joined this orchestra isabout thirty. Kim Da-jeong, School ofEnvironmental Engineering `05 said, "One of thebiggest problems is that we don`t have enoughspace to practice. It is not easy to find emptyplaces every week.

I hope Cantabile will have itsown space to practice." "The most important plan of Cantabile is tostabilize our orchestra. Also weare planning activities which areconnected with the Departmentof Music." replied Hong Seongjo.Kim Da-jeong added, " I amproud of being a first member ofCantabile.

I want to be involvedwith Cantabile even after graduation."News@UOS could confirmtheir passion for Cantabile,and furthermore, their passionfor music.Cantabile finished their first concert successfully. Thename ‘`Cantabile’` means ‘`like singing.’` News@UOS expects Cantabilet oh aveashining f u -ture.
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