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I am Invisible But I am
Kim Jae-hoon  |
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[0호] 승인 2007.04.20  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Jo Eun-ji (Dept. of Business administration ?6), a manager of UOSLove, is as busy as a bee these days. UOSLove is an online community where UOS students can share information about university life and recommended classes, part-time jobs near our university, etc. UOSLove is the new name of the already established `UOS Plaza.` She connects to UOSLove more frequently than usual because the new semester has started.

There is another busy student online. That is Kim Seon-ho (Dept. of Taxation ?6) who operates a daum cafe site called "Let`s go to the University of Seoul (UOS)". It helps high school students who hope to be admitted to the UOS to obtain information about admission scores. These two online managers have endeavored to make it possible for UOS students to get valuable information in cyberspace.

When asked "Why were you determined to be an online manager?", Kim Seon-ho said "I want to contribute something to the UOS. Before gaining admission to the UOS, I was also a user of `Let`s go to the UOS`. At that time, this online community was helpful to me with regard to sharing admission scores among applicants. Besides, I felt that many students hope to enter the UOS, thinking how I could help them after passing the entrance exam. For this reason I decided to be an online manager."

After defining their objective they prepared for an interview with previous online managers and were successful in becoming managers. They emphasized that broadening their horizons is one of the advantages in operating the homepage. "It can be possible to meet many kinds of people in the online community. That`s why I could become acquainted with students of other departments as well as those of my department" said Jo Eun-ji. Kim Seon-ho said "The majority of students are neither sure of their futre job, nor exactly aware of the meaning of some occupations such as accountant, fund manager, lawyer, etc. However, I can come to know what those occupations mean in detail through counseling students who are worried about selecting a department. In order to inform them, I had to look at each department`s characteristics and their graduates` future career path."

Of course, there may well be difficulties in operating the homepage. "Because users of the homepage are guaranteed anonymity, they sometimes blame each other and even me without any reason. Whenever this problem happened, I felt sad" said Jo Eun-ji. "When some students, who applied for the UOS, failed to enter because of some wrong information, I felt sorry for them" said Kim Seon-ho. However, they don`t look disappointed. Instead they are likely to make efforts to solve those situations by discussing problems with managers.
NEWS@UOS sought some advice for UOS students from the two online managers. "We want UOS students to have pride in our university. In spite of a high admission score, there are many students who are not satisfied with going to the UOS because of its relatively low recognition in society.

However, it is more important how we enable the UOS to make the jump, becoming a globally competitive university. These progressive thoughts and efforts will make you develop." They requested that UOS students be concerned about the online homepage. They repeatedly stressed that the host of the online community is not only themselves but all UOS students. We look forward to observing a better online community from them.
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