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Do You Think Human Actors Will Disappear?
Cho Si-hyung  |
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[0호] 승인 2007.05.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
"Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Mena-ce","Jurassic Park","Independence Day","Star Wars","E.T. the Extra Terrestrial","The Lost World: Jurassic Park","Men in Black"

What do you think these movies have in common? They are all time top 10 movies at the Box Office and belong to the genre of SF(Science Fiction). About one third of these movies are SF, and some might be shocked to know this fact. SF movies have become increasingly popular, because it`s possible to create fantastic stories more realistic by using CG(Co-mputer Graphics). Have you ever seen the movie, "Toy Story series","A Bug`s Life","Antz"? The highlight of these movies is not an interesting storyline, but 100% 3D CG. It was a shocking event in the industries to complete a movie using only CG. Then, do you think human actors will disappear with development of CG in the future?

When CG was used to make objects fly in "Poltergeist" or to make a race scene from "Tron" in 1982, we seldom stopped to think about its importance. When going through "Back to The Future series","Innerspace" and "The Abyss" we can notice that the CG special effects stand in the center of the SF with production techniques. Especially "Terminat-or 2" by year 1991 had developed CG special effects to cut down on the cost of handmade special effects. "Jurrasic Park" was made with realistic dinosaur`s motion. "Independence Day","Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" are some other examples.

Technical improvement and high status of movie industry seem to have enlarged. Realistic characters could be produced by technical improvement. Formerly invisible characters, like Casper in "C-asper" Jar Jar Binks in "Star wars" can be made by using CG now. Even though it`s in the initial stage, they can make various characters as they want. "Titanic" is not simple genre of SF, it is a conglomerate of CG techniques. In view of these, the movie world had been changed greatly. "Avatar", James Cameron`s upcoming movie, will be 100% dependent on CG special effect. He said that we would make the perfect cyber character.

Now film producers spend from 50 million dollars to 2 billion dollars to make a movie. But guarantee of top actors is 20~30 million dollars. It is 20~30% of total production cost, and is increasing. High guarantee of top actors is one of many things on a film producer`s hands. But using CG, they can make the movie with little production cost. Despite high costs now, film producers will feel attractive toward CG special effect since its cost is decreasing. Who knows there would be "Matrix 2" starring a cyber character instead of Keanu Reeves?
People are not satisfied with present internet. Development of science can not satisfy all human imagination. As science develops more and more, people will tend to look for something natural. But computer cannot perfectly replace the splendid acting of people. Changes in the screen world will be due to development of CG. As our forefathers were not informed of result of history, there is no knowing what we`ll do next. We can think about the disappearance of actors. Because nobody knows the futures.
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