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There is Nothing?
Yim Kyoung-han  |
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[0호] 승인 2007.05.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
"Darling, do I look like Ko Hyun-chung?" said a lover. She had posed as Ko Hyun-chung, the heroine in "Moraeshigae" the TV series broadcasted on SBS in 1994). In that program, the heroine went to the place called Chungdongjin(a train station located on the East Sea coast). As this scene was so beautiful and impressive on the audience`s memory that series became more famous. Chungdongjin has also gained popularity as a tour spot after being shown on TV. As a matter of fact, the rate of people who buy train tickets for Chungdongjin became as high as the program rating for "Moraeshigae" This is because many people want to see that place in real world and they visit with expectation they will find a pearl in the mud.

Recently, "Love Letter" a Japanese movie, has succeeded in the Korea market. At the same time, the city which was the main location of the "Love Letter" has also been well-known among fans. If you had seen the movie, you might have thought- "I want to go there some day!" Some think the city as a world in a fairy tale. As the images created in your mind about the movie get deeper, the desire to go there grows larger. The deeper does the impression you get from the movie, the greater the desire to go there.

There is nothing?
Lately, the newly-released film, "Pakasatang" has a fan club called ""the meeting that loves "Pakasatang". The club members visited the main set location and they acted the roles of heroes in the movie, and they said, "I want to go back to the past!" But there is something that you must consider before visiting the main set location. Above all, you should look at the common reasons why people go to the sites in movies.

The first reason is the instinct of imitation. Many people feel envy towards the screen features and, they want to follow the famous star`s behavior. The second reason is just to visit to enjoy themselves with leisure. Nowadays, as the value of life is ordered by getting more enjoyment, many people are putting more time and money into it. But many people who visited the main set location come back with much disappointment. What is their problem?

The visiter`s attitude to visiting seems to be the problem. It is impossible to grasp all the symbols which are expressed in a movie. They should realize, at least, that looking through the cinema is based on certain conditions. A visiting could never be finished from the spur of childish black comedy which people only imitate a star`s behavior. The other important problem is that most people cannot realize the difference between movie and reality. As being greatly indulged in the movie world, the problem is even more serious. Instead of living in movie world, you need to distinguish the differences. A visiting is a good chance for people to recognize the difference.

One says "Nothing is everything." in , the book written by Ryu Hong-jun, you can seek the key elements that solve the meaning of saying. The writer says that he enjoys roaming around old temple sites and rebuilding the temples in his own imagination. Can it be called creating something from nothing?!

People feel the nothingness when they arrive at the place. They would say things like "I only saw crowds of people.", "There was nothing to see." The feeling of nothingness can be the only thing that people get. It is natural! But, if you think about it another way, the scenes which are being shown on the screens can not exist at all.
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