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[0호] 승인 2007.05.07  
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1. What Do They Do?
There are four clubs for studying English in the University of Seoul. They are "ALA(AFN Listening Association)" "Newsweek(a group of students studying NEWSWEEK magazine)", "SECA(The University of Seoul English Conversation Association)" and "Time(a group of students studying TIME magazine)" In both the Newsweek and the Time, one sophomore or junior is selected to present a column about hot issues in newsmagazines, five times a week for one or two hours. The Newsweek and the Time study newsmagazines, the only difference between them is the text they are studying. It is said that NEWSWEEK has current and unfamiliar words while it is read easily and TIME has familiar words while it has a personal and unique writing style. The ALA and the SECA also offer classes. The ALA usually has the curriculum of listening to English broadcast and it tries to make studying English more funny by watching animations and listening to pop musics. The SECA, English conversation club, not only practices spoken English but also studies TOEFL or TEPS.
Usually the sophomores of these four clubs arrange classes and freshmen are free to join the lessons. Occasionally they share their knowledge of English. Even during vacation, they continue to study English. This study session is called "Hard Training" which is done to keep their sense of English. Do these clubs do anything besides studying English? Yes, they celebrate the anniversary of their founding, play sports of OB vs. YB and go to Membership Training every season, like other clubs. These English clubs put much value on their membership rather than studying English.

2. Wow, It`s Cool!
These English clubs do a lot of activities. There are many events students do not attend because we do not know about them. The classes prepared by the Time and the Newsweek clubs are open to all those students who are interested and those who have read what they are going to study. Usually they study presentations in lecture room and announce time and place of presentations with posters. They exhibit covers of NEWSWEEK or TIME during festivals, which made understood international currents. The ALA holds annual Listening Contest in which students listen to news of broadcasts or advertisements and fill in blanks or summarize in 5W1H(What, When, Where, Who, Why, How) order. The SECA also hold an annual Speech Contest that students compose and make five to seven minutes long presentations. If you had known about these contests, you could have taken home a whole bunch of prizes.
These clubs sometimes get together. They play sports once a year and call it CANT (combined four clubs?initials). They get with each other and friendly relationships are strengthened through this event. They also exchange information with other universities by studying together and running an integrated computer bulletin board.

3. Look Inside!
There are many alumni because these clubs have existed for around 20 years. These clubs are in continuous contact with alumni in regard to events to congratulate and condole. Especially, alumni donate money for the development of and to help their club members and former club members. But, these clubs are not easy to run. They are facing many difficulties like most other clubs do such as space problems, preparation for events, arrangement of study schedule and indivisnalization of each members. However, with clear goals there is warm affection among the member and that`s why they resolutely thrust through the obstacles.

It is essential to study English, but it is difficult to do by oneself. It is too expensive to go to an academy and it is a good choice to join a club in order to meet good people and study English naturally and steadily. Why do you hesitate to join a club? How about going to third floor of Student Union Building? They are waiting for you.
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