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What a Suprise!
Kim Jee-hee  |  jeehee99@hanmail.net
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[0호] 승인 2007.05.08  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
"We collect trash separately in May." This is a placard that you can see at first when you step into Sungkonghoe University. Like the slogan "School which is friendly with the environment" the university exerts itself for a better environment. In 1998, Sungkonghoe University promised to develop a program for the establishment of a nature friendly university and society. Afterwards, the university practiced a program about environmental orientation and started classes about it. Especially, classes related to environment are compulsory subjects at Songkonghoe University. The contents of the classes don`t simply teach about the environment from textbooks. They make all of the students give their services free to environmental organizations so that students recognize the seriousness of the problem.

Everywhere in the school, garbage cans are divided by colors and are easy to find. It is helpful for students to throw away trash separately. The most surprising point is the fact that the garbage cans have only cans in the can baskets and bottles in the bottle baskets. Of course, this is natural, but it is rare to see this situation in our society. And then, how can this university change students` thinking? It was because of the effort of those responsible for cleaning the university. They issued a statement for recycling and attached written appeals to students for participation in recycling.

It is not only that. The cafeteria posted up notices of the quantity of trash produced every day so that students were aware of it. It was also because of the efforts of the nutritionists. Of course, this is a small attempt, but, it plays an important role in decreasing the amount of food trash at Songkonghoe University each year. Now, they aren`t content with this and will try a new plan. The plan is as follows. They have department or club which participates in providing public information for decreasing trash. And if their strategy succeeds, a big prize is conferred to the organization. Their continuous attempts will achieve a `cafeteria with zero trash` someday.

How can Songkonghoe University succeed in the environmental movement? First, all the units do their best in each place for their university뭩 environment. Except for the above example, professors are striving to have students think about the environment in every class. The General Students Council (GSC) of the Songkonghoe University created a department charged with environment affairs this year for encouraging environmental concerns to more students. Second, these efforts are connected to each other. In Songkonghoe University, all units, the GSC and the environment club converse continuously with each other about the environment. And the university favorably accepts students?opinions regarding the environment.

What about our university? There seem to be a profound disbelief between university officials and students. This time, it is difficult to improve the UOS environment.
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