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[0호] 승인 2007.05.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
On May 4th, in the UOS gymnasium, I met Jang Yun-chang who was Korea`s most famous volleyball player during the 80~90s .

What was your decisive motive to teach at UOS?
When I came back from U.S.A. the professor, Lee Kyoung-woo, suggested "Would you like to take a class in UOS?" I accepted his proposal with joy. Frankly speaking, there were many universities like Yonsei, Kunkuk who asked me to teach students in there lectures besides UOS. However I have chosen the UOS because of its personal intimacy.

How are the students in your class?
In my class, I always have considered the students` participation above all. The student must take part in the class. Then I can judge them on their effort and the sense of exercise. In that point, the UOS students are most outstanding among other universities.

How do you give marks and lead the class?
Practically, my mind is as broad as tall. (Ha Ha... in his humor) I am not only big-minded in giving marks but also energetic in teaching students. To induce the student`s attention, I have them make a couple, usually a boy and girl. By actively helping them together, they are not bored but enjoy the class.

What was your best moment during your time as an athlete?
My best moment as an athlete was at the Korean- Japan game in Sophia, Bulgaria. Since volleyball had been introduced from Japan, the Goddess of Triumph has never smiled on us. Just then, our team got through a preliminary by beating Japan for the first time. When our team seemed to lost the game 2-0, the situation turned to our advantage. By reversing the situation, our team defeated Japan 3-2. What a miracle game!

What do you want to say to younger players who are on the active list?
When I was a player and not a professor, my company and I were armed only with a hungry spirit during very bad situations. The spirit was the source of power to support our indomitable courage. In contrast to the younger players who are good in other parts, that part of finishing well is not quite satisfied. I wish that they try to strengthen it as well as showing a wonderful game to fans. By going a step forward, I hope they would be awarded a medal which we have not obtained in the Olympics.

Please, say a word about sportsmanship.
Because I play a game of ball, the very important thing to members is to play together. Oneself never existed in their team-play. In other words, if someone plays selfishly, the team-work is dead. The player should continue to make efforts to be modest within their team. At that time, team-work will be completed perfectly.

I met Hyun Jung-hwa, the ping-pong star, May 9th, in the UOS gymnasium.

What was your motive to be a professor at UOS?
Jang Yun-chang who taught volleyball at UOS tried to persuade me. I accepted the suggestion, and I have begun classes this year.

I guess the class is full of enthusiasm as a famous professor teaches. How is the atmosphere?
At first, I scheduled 2 classes. But another class was added to my schedule, as many students applied to attend my lectures. Frankly speaking, each class is not enough to give all my lessons. In addition to that, most students are shy during class. I would like to ask students to train more for each class.

There must be differences between the player and professor. Would you mind speaking about them?
There is a heavy physical burden with living as a player. Also, the responsibility of winning took up most our time. These days, I am concentrating on managing students in the leader`s stand, but I`m not satisfied yet.

Another question. I was deeply impressed by your yelling during games. Why did you do it?
I think I was a strong-willed player. With a yell I can provoke the competitive spirit and awaken myself. Also it was a way of expressing my confidence against the opponent. Let me say a interesting story concerning that. Once, on account of too much shouting I committed a foul from a judge.

I know you appeared on TV as a cosmetic CF model. What was the feeling of being a commercial model?
I worked for a `Korean-cosmetics` company when I won the championship in the world competition. The company searched for someone who fit the image of `Korean-cosmetics` During that search I was recommended by someone. So I did it. In fact, I was embarrassed when I had to make a peculiar look which the CF model used to make.

Is there something which is attractive about you?
Nothing. Some people say, "You know that you are plucky." I agree too.
Finally, please tell us about the sportsmanship you have considered very importantly until now.
It is more important to enrich the course than to worry about the outcome. Usually people regard winning the match as everything to the player. But that is impossible without tears and sweats accompanying the long endeavor.
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