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[0호] 승인 2007.05.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
"I situations are being changed as time goes by. Therefore, we, the activists should change in order to catch up the flow" Park, Roh-hae, a famous labor poet, said in a Wednesday Meeting held by the Citizen`s Solidarity for Human Rights. Any student who is involved in student movements or has profound interest in labor movements will recognize his name. Because he was one of the most has vital activist in labor movements today and he has criticised the government with his very straight forward and indicative phrases in his poems. Those works led him to suffer in prison for many years for refusing to yield on expressing what he had believed. In 1999, he became a free man once again and is now participating in many labor and political activities as he always has been before his imprisonment.

His speech about the change of Korean economic system and labor movements was given on May 24th and was somewhat different from his ideology of the old days. It sounded like he would compromise with the government to obtain what he asked for. There were a lot of people throwing questions about if he was changed or not. Maybe he is not the one many have respected in the past. But he said, "When the social environment has changed, the activists should approach the public with adjusted methods." It is something we must reconsider.

There was an astonishing incident in the UOS a few months ago - the students took control over the University Center, paralyzing the school system for 18 days. The main reason the students got mad was because there was no official announcement for why the university authority had to raise the tuition for year 2000. If we were to judge who is right and wrong, probably many will say the students were right and the school was wrong. Is there anyone who can say, "The student action was 100% reasonable" "No" should be the right answer. Because the student organizations tempted many freshmen who had no idea about the conflict into the rally. Basically it means that the leading committee was not powerful enough to challenge the school directly, so they had to bring and use ignorant people to support them.

The current General Student Council (GSC) is not doing their job in finding out what the inconveniences of the UOS life are and solving the problems through negotiation with the school administration. Rather than doing so, the GSC is only thinking of fighting against the school. That`s a warlike ideology of the 70s, the time when everything was simply blocking the people`s thirst for liberalization. Listen, you representatives of the UOS students! Before thinking of the war, think about the problems and why the school administration refuse to talk. Please work for the students, not for yourselves. It might be the time to change like Park, Roh-hae said.
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