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Hit the Jackpot, But Be Cautious First!
Kim Yong-kuk  |  hst12@hanmail.net
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[0호] 승인 2007.05.26  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
`PUCK~` With this sound, pouring coins and hitting the Jackpot in the midst of people`s cheer. The dream of winning million dollars with only a few coins! This could happen to you : like Son Ji-Chang and Oh Yeon-soo gained lots of money. You can dream of being rich with internet gambling without face to face gambling. It is called `cyber Gambling` I will explain it simply. Baccarat, Rulette, Black Jack and Gostop are major kinds of cyber gambling (Cyber Gambling). Using the internet to deal money is another characteristic of cyber gambling. Cyber gambling are operating itself all over the world. So it is not restricted by time and place. Above all, You will not be affected by mind games, relative inferiority, and other such gambling tricks which are the biggest differences from face to face gambling. Because of this, the game is fairer.

Despite these good points, cyber gambling has several weak points as well. We can classify them into some categories. The most important problem is concerned with credit. Since this is indirect gambling through internet, earned money from cyber gambling is totally a matter conscience of cyber gambling sites. For example, although one graduate student gained about $700, the gambling site demanded $300 instead this fraud is one of the most important problems to be solved. The other issue requires a look at all sides of netizens who are using cyber gambling sites. The visitors of cyber gambling site are almost all Asians. Among them, Korea ranked very high. In Korea, people in their 20s and 30s are major visitors. It means that the driving forces of our society are being rotten categories by cyber gambling. Among those people graduate students, businessmen and public service workers are the majority. This indicates not only increasing cyber gambling users but also rotting society by cyber gambling. In March, 2000, the government decided to tackle the cyber gambling problem.

I just want to say this. Although cyber gambling has so many problems that must be dealt with and the government can deal with it in a beneficial or non- oppressive way. Why won`t it be solved by using a strong oppression. It may break out lots of ill effects such as; fraud by lending money in gambling(this is illegal), using computers addictively and as an instrument of revengeful murder. In case of Holland, they solved the marijuana problem which caused social crime by legalizing marijuana. We also had better cope with cyber gambling problems flexibly. It will not be easy. I would like to suggest some solutions. First, the government must manage the cyber gambling sites. It is impossible for them to manage all the cyber gambling sites. Therefore they should manage the sites which are most popular. And linked sites can be easily managed. Words, `dealing with, managing and administration` never mean that the cyber gambling sites must be under the government. It means that the government should inspect them by the standands of `Are not netizens suffering from cyber gambling sites?`, `Are not they cheated?` and `Do the masters of the sites behave dishonestly?`

After this process is well done, netizens who are using cyber gambling sites must be dentified certainly. With this, the government may obstruct juvenile delinquencies and even to manage foreigners`use.

Cyber gambling have just approached to our own life very close. It has some problems, of course. But it depends on us and the government to solve them. To realize the dreams of being the second Son Ji-chang, and Oh Yeon-soo couple.
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