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[0호] 승인 2007.05.26  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
I would like to say that The Seoul Times made me feel good with its cover photo. It goes well with summer, so I can feel the coolness just by looking at the photo.

I read your last magazine with great interest. I was especially concerned with the cover story related to my major. It was a good indication to awake students on recognizing their environment. But it seems to need more explanation where the reporter criticized the school authority and GSC. The school authority and GSC are described just as a bystander in the article. Now, the efficient use of the school space is a more pressing question than environmental problem in school. With adding some specific examples related with exact situation of school, it could be more persuasive.

I really like the "special theme" part. It seems to be so well-timed. I believe it can be useful and practical information to anyone who reads it. Most of the students, don`t have a specific vacation plan so they are likely to waste their time.

The culture part gave me considerable satisfaction. In my case, I always have curiosity about "live club" But it is somewhat difficult for me to ask someone or search for it. The contents of the article was easy to understand and well structured.

The magazine reached a certain level and, as a whole, it was timely. Buy if you let me complain about it, I`d like to point out its poorness in substance. In other words, the article was not so bad individually. It was substantial. But I felt that it would be better to publish more articles in the magazine. For example, although it is a school magazine, it can include social issues at present. So, I hope to read articles handling many different parts of the school as well as the society.

Thanks for making the magazine fun for me to read. And I have no doubt that you will print better magazine the next time then I`ll read it with zest.

Sung Yeon
Junior, Faculty of Environment Engineering
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