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[0호] 승인 2007.05.26  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Frankly speaking, the last magazine was a little difficult. I think it`s better to correct the word `difficult` to `hard` The reason why I pinpointed demonstrations and strikes as my main subject was that you could feel sympathy after reading.

First, let`s go to the "professor Column" Even if the column was not related with my major, it was filled with intriguing facts. And, I came to know that the way to keep my body healthy is with my cells.

Second, the "cover Story" makes me feel ashamed. Until now, as shown in this magazine I have considered the resulting inconvenience from strikes. So we keep seeing strikes happen, and I couldn`t develop a correct view of the situation. But after understanding about both opposing opinions(government and strikers), my thoughts have changed. Personally if I may put in my two words about strikes, my opinion is like this. When a new policy is applied, a conflict between the government and strikers is natural, and more conflict is bound to happen. In the process of making one point, the sacrifice of people is added. But the most important thing is to diminish the sacrifice of them to the minimum level. It`s just my opinion.

The "news Focus" seems to be written for me. I`m a so called web-addict. If I have a chance to connect to the internet, I spend at least an hour surfing despite the fact that I don`t have to do it. These days, students(including myself) seem to use computers not to search for beneficial information, but to play games or kill time. With that kind of view, I`m sure that this article will not be enough to awake the students.
My best part was "Into the World" The higher my grade, the more I desire to experience a wider world. Probably this is the same for most students. Reading that part, I felt like being in Thailand. If I can express it shortly, it was exotic. My feeling is quiet and positive.
I want to give all the writers a chance to be flattered with my applause. It was a good magazine mixed with social issues and campus news properly.

Hwang Hae-won
Junior, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
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