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Shall We Volunteer Together?
Kim Soo-jeong  |
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[0호] 승인 2007.05.26  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
We could see our consciousness and concerns about volunteers in this survey. Of 97 people surveyed, 32 people had volunteer experience. That ratio is not very high, but 49 people of the 63 people who did not have volunteer experience said they would like to participate in voluntary activity if they had the chance. This means that the UOS students are generally interested in volunteer activities and have a positive opinion of voluntary activities.

Then let`s see what kind of volunteer jobs students do and what kind of volunteer jobs that they want to do. After reviewing the result of this survey, most students do services for handicapped people. But upon actual investigation, students want to do voluntary activities that are related with their majors or specialities. That means if there are many volunteer programs that are related to their majors and specialities in the future, more students will participate in them. And it would be better to make volunteer programs that are sponsored by a college and college departments.

The main reason why they didn`t volunteer is that they had no chance to volunteer with 59% overwhelmingly. What does it mean? Many people said that university students have tendency to lean towards individualism. But in fact, many students just do not have positive attitudes in spite of their intention to do voluntary activities. One sophomore in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering said he had an uncomfortable feeling in developing a positive attitude. He wanted a good chance to do some volunteer activities. Most students said they didn`t have the chance to do volunteer activities. Volunteer groups at our university should be aware of such students?thoughts and try to keep students informed about their programs.

One freshman of the Faculty of Business Administration cautioned that voluntary activities must not be performed by compulsion in spite the importance of them. People who remember being forced to volunteer in high school may sympathize with that. Some people who did volunteer as homework or as a lesson said it was not good for us and society to do compulsory voluntary activities. Volunteering means doing services for other people without any price. We must not forget the lesson of this survey that if volunteering is compulsory homework, then other people will believe the positive effects of voluntary activities are decreased and may actually be a bad influence on society.
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