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Whatever we do, wherever we go, a challenge with no preparation has only meaning of participating. Is there a powerful weapon like English in finding employment? As an essential condition of employment, computer skill has the same importance as English do. A foreign company is no exception. It is enough to complete a resume and a statement of self-introduction in English, basic ability in English, and computer skill.

Why Do People Prefer Foreign Companies to Domestic Ones?
When foreign companies employ a person, they do not require attaching a photograph to your resume. A distinction of sex does not need to be specified. It is not required to reveal your family origin. This process aims to prevent prejudice by elements which have no relation to your ability. If you fail to pass a major company’s examination just because of your origin, regardless of your actual working ability, then knock on the door of a foreign company.

Recruiting at Foreign Companies

▶ Financial Institutions
The salaries at financial companies are somewhat low, but working conditions are very good. Employment is divided into three areas-permanent, regular and temporary. Working days are five days a week in general, but every two weeks, you can enjoy a week day-off. There is no sex discrimination in regards to promotion and arrangement of duties. Above all, applicants must have excellent abilities in foreign languages and knowledge about financial business.

▶ Airlines
With the examination of writing and translation, interviews are conducted two or three times. It is necessary to study aviation and aircraft basics with English newspapers or magazines. The required physical condition is as follows. Height must be above 160 centimeters, eyesight must be better than 0.6 (corrected eyesight is 1.0), 22-25 years of age and would-be employees must be college graduates or above. An English interview is the most important element to join a company.

▶ Life Insurance Companies
Life insurance companies generally employ male university graduates. They need more employees in their business departments than in management. Whenever needed, they employ people by an entrance application which they accept throughout the year. Applicants are tested by written examinations, aptitude tests and interviews.

▶ Security Corporations
Security Corporations are managed with a few people. So, when there is a vacancy, they employ a person to fill it. Of course, applicants must have excellent English and computer skill. It is not easy for women to enter these companies because there are few vacancies for assistants or secretaries. If you want to work in stock equity or accounting departments, you must be skillful in mathematics. So, these jobs give priority to accounting, economics and business majors. Besides these departments, other departments do not have particular limitations in regards to your major.

Application Methods
Foreign companies routinely receive applications year round. When people are needed, they select workers by interview after they individually contact qualified people. You should investigate in advance since some companies which openly adopt employees may not have previously received any applications. There is a way to apply through internet homepages of companies you are interested in. You must be concerned with help-wanted advertisements by foreign companies. They may have more advertisements in the English papers than in domestic papers. So, people who want to enter a foreign company need to constantly read them. Many companies send recommendation forms to recruit departments within universities, and it is a good way to be recommended. You can also be employed by using search companies or head hunters. They receive resumes at ordinary times and connect them with foreign companies.

Usual Licenses
Ability in English is the basis. You must have skill in business English as well as ordinary conversation skills. Most companies regard computer abilities very highly too. Find out what useful licenses are required for entering a foreign company.

▶ MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)
MCP is a system that Microsoft company certifies as a specialist with their products and techniques. It is made of four parts-MCPS (Microsoft Certified Products Specialists), MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers), MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developers), MCP (Microsoft Certified Trainers). You had better select one of the four certifications, considering your aptitude rather than try to acquire recklessly any license.

▶ OCP (Oracle Certified Professional)
OCP is a program that measures the level of special technique by business and certifies ability for design, development and practice of ‘solution’ with the most up-to-date techniques.

Preparing for this , you must ask the advice of seniors and study for it by yourself. No pain, no gain. A foreign company with comfortable environment, good working condition and high wage may be waiting for you! If you carefully plan employment strategy and practice it step by step, you will receive a notice of success from foreign company in the near future.

Chollian GO JOBHT, Nownuri GO JOBHUNT
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