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[0호] 승인 2007.05.26  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
How many books have you read this year? Ten, Thirty, or Fifty books? In the name of ‘UOS GUINNESS’, we will write an essay about a person who has demonstrated skills. The first section is about the reading mania in the UOS. The honorable person is Lee Dae-chul, Sophomore, Dept. of Urban Social Welfare.

Reporter: First of all, did you read all the books thoroughly that you borrowed from the library?
Lee: Yes, I read them all.

R: (Very surprising!) What kinds of books do you usually read?
Lee: I like books about history, especially novels of history like Samgukgee and Youlgukgee (40%). And I love fantasy novels (50%), too.

R: When you see books, you are you just absorbed in the books, right? Have you had any embarrassing experiences?
Lee: Well, several times it felt like I was hitting a telegraph pole. I have a tendency to read pretty fast, my bag is always full of books. So I was naturally picked out as the heaviest backpack lifter among my classmates.

R: As the most extensive reader, what do you think about the facility at the UOS library? Are you satisfied with the quality of books?
Lee: I am satisfied with them. However, there are several things I want to point out. Whenever I see new books in the library, I find most of them are for exams. I hope to see various kinds of books. Sometimes, the books are not in the right place and books borrowed long ago have not been returned. Some books were even damaged.

R: Are there any books that you would like to recommend to the readers of The UOS Times?
Lee: 「The Story of the Roman」(Shiono Nanami) In this book, you can find the good model of an idealist and this book helps you find what you can do in your life. Besides, we can find the similarity of politics between Rome and Korea. I hope you will read it. It’s really worth reading!

At last, the interview was finished. Before meeting him, I imagined him as wearing horn glasses and being a little gloomy. Surprisingly he was dark skinned with pimples and extroverted.
Sooner or later, the long winter vacation will start. You possibly have many plans like studying your major or working part time. But if you don’t have any special plans yet, why don’t you get involved in reading?
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