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Cameras! They Are in Fashion!!
Kim Byeong-soo  |
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[0호] 승인 2007.06.21  
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Recently, it has become common to upload the photos onto your private homepages such as `Blog` and `Cyworld.` So, a camera is a necessity for many people, especially for university students. Furthermore, as people`s desires for cameras increase, the features of cameras are evolving. In this way, DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) - previously the domain of the professional - is becoming popular with ordinary consumers, even though its price is very expensive. A million won, however, is still too expensive for university students to afford. Therefore, we are searching for low and mid-priced cameras for university students!

Film cameras
Putting the human touch back into taking pictures

When taking pictures, film cameras cannot delete photos. So the quantity of photos is limited. Also, a film camera cannot be used to preview photos. For those reasons, the photographer must focus all of his or hers energy on taking a photo. When taking a photo, the photographer makes an effort to get good composition and settles the focus. This is all a hand-operated process. And there are various processes to print the photos. Choi Jeong-rye of the UOS black and white film Club - `The Pupil` said, "A degree of good taste is important in the process of developing and printing a photo. It`s like waiting to win the lottery when I bought the ticket a week ago." Also Kim Hye-jin, another member, said, "The most attractive point of film is the impression of the color. Feeling soft and warm, the color makes you comfortable. Also, you can get a clear and vivid photo," in expressing another attractive point of film cameras. Furthermore, the film camera can give an out-focusing effect that most students are interested in. This is making a subject appear in focus while blurring the background. Therefore, nowadays many people say, "Let`s go back to film cameras."

Digital cameras
`Convenience, refinement, and high-definition` - the triple advantages

The most attractive point of the digital camera is convenience. You can carry it everywhere, a woman even can put it in a small handbag, and it is easy to handle. Available in various stylish colors such as pink, lime or yellow, the digital camera with all its refinements in design is attractive to young people. "There are many good cameras, however I chose a pink one because my favorite color is pink," said Jung Myeong-seon, a sophomore of the Dept. of Economics. Also nowadays, digital cameras can have more than 7-megapixels and the most advanced function - an automatic image stabilizer for those with shaky hands. But the biggest of the digital camera`s advantages lies in later correction. Different from film cameras, you can retouch a photo with graphic programs such as Photoshop after you take it. "If you think that your photo is too dark or too bright, you can correct it as you wish," said Park Ji-ho, a freshman of the Dept. of Economics. Finally, you can take video which is impossible with the DSLR and Film Cameras. Being popular for making UCC (User Created Content) videos, many people want to buy a digital camera. The usefulness of the digital camera is growing ever more steadily.

It is your choice to purchase the most suitable camera for you. Even though you may buy an expensive and high-end camera, if you cannot take a good photo it isn`t much different from buying an inexpensive camera with basic features. That is, depending on your photographic skill, your photo will develop accordingly however expensive the camera you buy. So how well you can take a photo is important. Jung Jin-seong, a member of the Pupil said, "If you want to be a good photographer, it is useful to see many good photos and try to recreate their composition, exposure and so on. And you should take liberal amounts of photos." He stressed actual experience and an eye for a good photo. Now we can purchase a good camera and take our own great photos!

Top Useful Tips About Cameras

1. 5-megapixels vs. 10-megapixels - the result is a draw.
If you are not developing a large photo, 5-megapixels isn`t much different from 10-megapixels.

2. If you don`t take a tripod when photographing at night, your photos won`t turn out the way you want.
When photographing at night, you should always take a tripod. If you don`t take it, your photo will be blurry.

3. Do you want to know your camera well? Read the manual.
All interfaces are in your manual. So if you want to use your camera well, read and re-read the manual.

4. Photograph for your heart`s content.
If you want to take a good photo and increase your photographic skills, take many photos. There is no royal road to taking a good photograph.
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