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Precious Experience in GLP
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[0호] 승인 2007.10.29  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Many students of the UOS are busy preparing for the GLP held annually in March. GLP is an abbreviation of Global Leadership Program which supports students` research traveling expenses in accordance with our school`s globalization policy. The program named overseas leadership program was initiated in 2001 and changed its name to Global Leadership Program in 2004.

To qualify for application to the GLP, 4~6 people must organize a team, students should have a TOIEC score of over 650, college seniors and students who are on leave of absence can`t apply. Professors select teams in two phases: first choice is through research proposal screening and final choice is through an interview. Generally students have a preparatory period - approximately 1 month. While hundreds of students try for the GLP, nearly two hundred students and nearly thirty teams were selected this year. The real competitive rate is not high, but it is hard to be chosen because the research proposal screening and interview are very challenging to pass.

Professors who judge the GLP advised that creativity and realistic subject for the research proposal are the most important evaluative criteria in proposal screening. And the jury decides final choice by seeing the presentation of each team and considering English speaking skill. If the teams pass the final interview, they`ll spend two weeks in the country of research during the summer vacation. They`ll receive two million won for each member of the team if going to the Europe and if the team is going to America, they`ll receive 2.5 million won each. After returning, the teams should give a final research report to the school.

The team - SixSense, composed of six students whose major is economics went to Europe in this summer vacation. Their subject is related to revitalization of the underdeveloped country in Europe, so they went to Roma, London, Bilbao and Barcelona. Lee Hui-seop, a sophomore of the Dept. of Economics, who is a leader of the Sixsense said, "I like that we went to advanced countries in Europe. But the most beneficial thing is that I realize Seoul is one of the best cities in the world."

Because the team has a research subject, it is different from ordinary travel. So the team can experience special things - interview, investigation, data collection and so on. One of the GLP`s great merits is that we can meet capable foreigners through the interview process. Yoon Hee-gyun, another member, said "We interviewed two people in London and Bilbao. Mem Baybers who is the senior manager of the London Dockland hospitably treated us. I`m very impressed with warm reception and learned many things from him."

How about participating in the GLP! The GLP waits for your challenge, passion and youth.
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