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Participating in Film; 10th Visual Media Festival
Gong Jeong-ryeol Junior Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2007.12.11  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
`The Visual Media Festival` was opened from Oct 29 to Oct 30. Every year college of urban sciences sponsors `The Visual Media Festival`. This festival is the 10th. Global UOS, which is a new vision of the UOS, is expressed by this festival.

In total of 8 films, 2 invitation productions and 6 student productions were showed in this festival. The first distinguishing mark of the festival is participation by students.

Because of this, planning attention, for students by students, always made by professors, was made first time by students. The second distinguishing mark was to meet and greet. Two invitation films were pointed to take professional advice.

Wu Ri Hak Gyo(Our school)
The story of Wu Ri Hak Gyo is based on Korean school - Josun elementary middle school of Japan. The film is a documentary film showing smile, hope, life and agony of Korean resident students in Japan. The students chose Wu Ri Hak Gyo to study Korean but Japan doesn`t confirm Wu Ri Hak Gyo as regular school. Even if they live as Korean in Japan, the students live fairly with father, mother and friends, make certain self-consciousness, and were put heart into because of Wu Ri Hak Gyo.

Before 10 Minutes, Start Match
An umpire can`t look away from the baseball. The umpire wearing heavy equipment, showing strong physical strength, were spoken ill of by the pertinent team and spectators at the baseball match, if their decision was unwarranted. If they were players, they would have more chances, at the next match, but as they are umpires, their mistakes aren`t forgiven. In spite of these, we must hear their difficult problems, because of their hard efforts, being shunned more than player.

Destroyed Fence in City
Destroyed fence means that Seoul promotes to destroy fence to plant trees and flower, to open up to citizens. This activity changes a closed university to opened university for all residents. But at the same time, university students are dissatisfied too, because of matters such as trash heaps and noise. This film makes residents and students aware of the necessity of complementary cooperation.

Islamic traditional capital space and society: Fez in Morocco and Marrakesh
Viewing traditional cities, Fez and Marrakesh are called red cities because their sand is red, containing iron. Think about the history of space and life style. Take a look around the cities including the style of the Medieval Islamic spaces. Through looking these scenes, we can feel renewed and understand a city civilization unfamiliar to us.
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