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[0호] 승인 2007.12.11  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
There was only one person, Kim Sang-in in the office because it was a lunch time. He welcomed NEWS@UOS and showed us around his office.

He is now Senior Coordinator for Organization Diagnosis Center of Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs (MOGAHA). In that department, he estimates the number of public servants needed in Korea and decides where and how to distribute them. He also controls the number of contracted public servants and each commission.

He passed the Senior Civil Service Entrance Examination while he was still a junior. When asked what his know-how was, he said "Above all, it is important to have a clear objective. Unless you have a definite goal or reason to pass the exam, you would fail. Second, it is necessary to see the bigger picture. Select a good quality textbook in each subject and then read from the front cover to the back cover. Then, learn and memorize based on the main textbooks you select."

Kim Sang-in is likely to achieve personal maturity as well as external success. He is a faithful Buddhist. He did club activities as the president of the club `Buddha` in the UOS. "Buddhism lets me clear my body and spirit. I used to go to the temple when I had difficulty in studying or was suffering from other problems" said Mr. Kim.

He even entered the priesthood after passing the exam. "Although entering MOGAHA made me material-rich, I felt empty. I had a chance to think about what I really want and where happiness comes from" said Mr. Kim.

After a few days, he came back as his friends and parents took him to his office under duress. "In the middle of a busy day, I often go to the temple near my office" he continued. He now leads the Buddha club in MOGAHA.

He emphasized it is important to learn English constantly. "I want to express myself not as a man studying English but living English. I always read English language books whenever I have time" said Mr. Kim. The most frequent use in his cell-phone is as an electronic dictionary. His recent research list was full of professional and unfamiliar words. "It is more important to read English language books than solving TOEIC exercise books" he said.

NEWS@UOS sought some advice from Kim Sang-in for UOS students. "Recent students are only likely to stick to getting high TOEIC score and grades. Before doing this, you need to concentrate on making a blueprint for your life. Find what you really like doing through various activities and try to realize the dream" he said.

He still makes an effort to be a good coordinator. He always comes to the office by 7:30 a.m. and goes home at nearly 9 p.m. We expect him to perform earnest activities while working as a proud UOS alumnus.
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