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A Diary - My Square Secretary!
Park Jun-kyu Reporter  |  coreae7@uos.ac.kr
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[0호] 승인 2009.03.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
What is to be found in the bags of university stu-dents`? We could quite easily find a diary among many other belongings. They are truly multifarious, from small ones like a pocket-book to large ones like a textbook. Diaries have become a necessity of life for modern people, especially young people. One noticeable thing is that young people use a diary not only to manage their time but also to express themselves. Now in 2008, what does a diary mean to university students?

On the evening of February 20, there was a small event at the `Success Store` in Daehangro. This was a day-planner fair for people who are using diaries, which was held by the Korea Leadership Center (KLC). Thirty people, from young students to businessmen in suits, participated. Yoon Sun-hyun, a team manager of the KLC, gave a lecture about the importance of time management and how to use a diary. Participants could get useful information. It was impressive that all attendees made notes in their diaries.

"I received my diary as a gift from my parents. They have been using a diary for many years. I promised myself that I would wake up an hour earlier and study English." said Im Jae-sung, a participant from the Sogang University.

Regardless of whether young or old, lots of people use their own diary. However, consumers in their twenties are the main target demographic of the diary industry. Indeed most students have their own diary. They manage their exam schedules, homework deadlines and other engagements with their diaries. It is, so to say, a kind of `secretary` for them.

Today, time management is one of the most important skill to university students. As every day life becomes faster, thorough time management has become a life pattern and a diary performs the role of a good helper.

Indeed a diary does play a leading role in time management, but that`s not all that can be said of a diary. It can also be something attractive or fashionable. Sometimes a diary expresses the user`s individuality. Literally hundreds of new arrivals are displayed in the stores each year. The concepts and contents of each diary vary widely. Some stationery designers launch their own unique diary brand with their own design. This means that consumers have plenty of options, while diary companies face limitless competition.

"I have been using a diary since I entered university. I use a diary made by only one company, it`s my favorite brand. I like the design and concept of my diary. If you look at the cover of my one, it may remind you of a storybook. I am really proud of my diary when I hear `It`s so cool!`" said Kim Sang-mun, a junior at the Seoul National University.

Of course there are many kinds of convenient tech-gadget for time management such as PDAs, laptop computers and online planners. Nevertheless a considerable number of people are still using a diary, an old school pen-and-paper thing. Mr. Yoon Sun-hyun explained the reasons for this with two human characteristics. "Most people like to memorize and put things in order with their own hand. Besides we want to express ourselves in some way. A diary satisfies both of these traits. DIY (Do It Yourself) goods are a fine example."

Even though a diary is just a small notebook, it concerns our essential characteristics. Truly, technologies have changed our lives and it will change us in the future. Nevertheless, if there are some things that will never change, the diary can be one of them. In these days of hustle and bustle, this tiny diary will do its role as an honest secretary.
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