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트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
The weather has become warmer, peoples’ clothes are becoming shorter. Short clothes expose peoples’ figures. Many women want to be slim, so they go on a diet. These days a lot of men want to be slim too, so they go on a diet also. There are people who diet to be beautiful. But also there are a lot of people who diet to become healthy. In this article, there is lots of information about healthy diets.

Diet is a word which means reducing what one eats, so as not to be fat. There are a lot of ways to diet. For example, the ‘One Food Diet’ (eating only one food for every meal), irregular meals or unbalanced meals to diet. These trend dieting methods are very dangerous. These diets can make your body stressed and this can bring about cell aging in your body. It’s the reason for a lot of disease. Then, what is the best way to diet? Let’s find out about it.

1. Eat meals at set regular times and the quantity ratio of breakfast to lunch to dinner should be 3:3:2.
Usually a woman’s basic energy consumption (the calories used for sleep or maintenance of body temperature) is around 1200kcal. People who have more muscle or are large in stature have higher basic energy consumption requirements. When you eat less than your basic energy requirements on a restrictive diet, it is very hard to keep the weight off because if you lose weight on a restricted-calorie diet, you will regain the weight very easily once you return to your usual eating habits.

2. Eat low salt food.
If you eat salty foods, your body wants to keep moisture. When the water which should come out of the body stays in your body, it makes your body swell and also makes the lower part of the body increase in size. So, you would be better to avoid salty food.

3. Avoid high G.I. food.
Foods made from white wheat flour and white rice (for example noodles, confectionery or bread) and foods which contain a lot of refined sugar (for example chocolate, candy, cake or ice cream) all have a high glycemic index (G.I.). These simple carbohydrates are bad for your body and make you feel hungry again more quickly. So in this way you can eat more, increasing your weight.

4. When you eat food, chew at least 30~50 times.
If you chew a lot it aides digestion so there is less burden on the stomach and it stops you feeling tired after meals so your mind can remain alert. If you want to be healthy, you should chew each bite at least 30 times. And if you want to lose weight should chew at least 50 times. Also, you should brush your teeth after meals because it can help you stop taking in any more unnecessary food.

5. Drink 1.5~2.0 liters of water a day.
Our body contains lots of water and all the chemical reactions of our body occur in water. So, the intake of water is very important. When you drink water on an empty stomach, you can feel full, so it helps you to not overeat or eat sweets. Also, water makes the metabolism lively and this means using lots of calories so, drinking a lot of water can help in losing weight (water helps the circulation of the blood, so your skin can be in better condition too). It is best to drink 1.5 liters of water every day, little by little, especially when hungry. However you should avoid drinking water before and after meals. Because drinking water dilutes the gastric juices thereby interfering with digestion.

6. Exercising regularly.
Losing weight by exercising hard makes the body stressed. So, when you stop exercising hard, you can gain weight again in a short time. Instead of over-exercising, a lot of walking or stretching is better. Steady exercise raises basic energy consumption, thereby making it difficult to gain weight. Recommended exercises are running, skipping and walking.

7. Enjoy your diet.
There is scientific evidence that shows that doing work you enjoy has very efficient results. This applies to diets also. Do not be impatient. Make a plan with a long term goal, decrease food intake slowly and exercise steadily. It is better to first change the kind of food and then reduce the amount of food you eat.

These are the best rules for dieting. Instead of a speedy diet which can damage your body, a healthy diet is better. Even if a healthy diet needs a longer time, it makes your body healthy.
The best thing is to enjoy your diet. If you diet well, you will become beautifully slim and healthy. Also, you can have a healthy mind so you can live a more lively life. Do not stress with your diet, just enjoy it. This is the best way of losing weight and becoming healthy.

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