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[0호] 승인 2009.03.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
There is a beautiful vocalist who graduated from the UOS, her name is Lee Yoon-jeong (Dept. of Music ’00) who still works so hard. Let’s ask her about her musical life and her thoughts.

Q : Please introduce yourself.
A : Hello, my name is Lee Yoon-jeong. I entered the University of Seoul in 2000. My major is Music and more specifically, I studied a vocal music course, and I now study opera.

Q : What was your motivation to start studying music?
A : When I was young I participated in a church choir. At that time I thought starting music in earnest would be good. And I was admitted JeonJu Fine Arts High School on the recommendation of my junior high school teacher. Since then I’ve studied music.

Q : What makes you participate in musical contests?
A : I wanted to compete with other vocalists. And also I wanted my musical ability to be recognized.

Q : What do you usually do to practice and do you do any special activities?
A : Actually I have no ‘usual time.’ My life is full of preparation and practice for music contests. So, I always practice for my chosen piece music and unaccomplished parts. And for my special activities I keep a relationship with the Lord. I’m a Christian. So, keeping a relationship with the Lord is important. I believe that all things that I made and will be made are lead by my Lord.

Q : What did you get from music contests apart from awards?
A : The contest really brings the fact that stage is the best teacher, home to me. I learned and confirmed a lot of things by standing on the stage. For example, I could realize my unaccomplished ability and know my own strength. Standing on the stage is the best process to make myself.

Q : Tell us about your lifelong goal.
A : I think there is no final goal for an artist. I just want to sing good songs continuously. And make people and my Lord be happy with my singing.

Q : Do you have any advice for UOS students?
A : Don’t be frustrated even if you experienced a failure. You should know that our life isn’t simply to be decided by one or two of failures. I think we can’t be perfect from day one. So, improve yourself through practice and failure. Lastly believe in yourself! You can do it. Even though your beginning was weak, your end will be great. Go for it!
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