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[0호] 승인 2009.03.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
There is a special program in the University of Seoul. Every year several groups are selected to travel abroad under the sponsorship of our school. Each group prepared their own research thoroughly to be chosen as GLP members. NEWS@UOS meets Jin Kyu-eon, one of the members of ‘Zeigarnik’ and asks him the key to being singled out.

Q : Please introduce your team.
A : Our team is composed of 4 members. My team’s name is ‘Zeigarnik.’ It means the memory of something incomplete is more intense than the memory of something complete. We wanted to express our passion for our research through our team name. And our research subject is to make a comparative study of the systems of university administration.

Q : Tell us about the reason you applied to the GLP.
A : For me the GLP has been a dream for a long time. I wanted to meet students of my age who study in another country. By coming face to face with them, seeing their study environments directly and talking with them, I think I could broaden the confined of my thoughts. And also I can broaden my life experiences. This is why I dream and why I applied to the GLP.

Q : Tell us about your specific plan during the GLP.
A : As our subject is studying another university’s administration compared to our own, my team’s schedule is focused on looking around schools. We will travel to five countries - Germany, Switzerland, England, Ireland and France. We already contacted several schools in each country. When we arrive in each university we will attend a lecture, interview students and professors. Also we will visit famed tourist spots in our free time.

Q : Tell us what happened during the interview process.
A : Actually I was in a state of extreme tension. Professors asked us many questions. And we were supposed to answer to them in English. For me answering in English was the really difficult part. Actually one interviewer asked me the meaning of our team’s name. At first I hammed and hawed but I tried to be polite and explain it logically. I think that is the key point of singled out for the GLP.

Q : Can you tell us about your preparation for the GLP?
A : Our team members are ‘Irumi’ so, we know each other very well. When we decided to participated in the GLP, We tried to gather at least once a week. And also we uploaded useful information on our club homepage.

Q : Please give some advice to UOS students.
A : I think anyone who sincerely wants to join the GLP could be selected. But if I give you specific tips then I just recommend three things. First, you should be sincere during preparation. There are some conditions for the GLP like research subject, TOEIC score etc. At first it can be a little hard for you but with your sincerity everything will be okay. Second, definite your subject matter. Research subject might be the most important part of your GLP application. You should know your subject very well.

I don’t recommending that you choose an unusual subject. Nowadays we can explore almost everywhere through the internet surfing. You should think of a subject that you can only find your about through experience. Lastly team members, I think the members should be friendly, but also all members should be able to distinguish official business from private. The GLP is a team project. So, this point is really important.
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