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[0호] 승인 2009.04.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

What do you think when you hear of horse racing? You might imagine a lot of gambling, middle-age men who exhaust their money, gangsters` secret place and so on. Some people who have seen the movie `Lump of Sugar` make one think about the love between jockey and horse. If you have gone to the "Seoul Race Park" located in Gwacheon-si, you might have thought of "Restful Family Park".

The Big Bronze Horse

Walking down to the "race park", the big bronze horses look like they are rushing ahead to welcome the visitors. The long tunnel connected to the gate might make you think the place is a race track. Also, when you first arrive, you may wander from place to place wondering where the race grounds are because there are so many people hanging around.

Actually, people who visit the Seoul Race Park have different reasons. There are two observatories where people can view the powerful horses racing. Also, there is a family park at the race track, a football field, and a museum about the history of horses. Even The UOS Times couldn`t visit everything in one day!

The Family Park | Horses start the race

Of course, the main attraction is the race itself. If you visit there on a weekend when there is a race, you might enjoy betting on the race. To place a bet, first you take a ticket, then you should carefully look at the betting board, which is continuously updated. Finally, you place your bet and hope your horse wins!

Don`t forget not to bet more than you can afford to lose! Basically, betting on horse races is gambling. Gambling means `Play+Bet`. There are many dangers associated with betting at the races! Accordingly, you should know how to not get addicted to gambling.

The original name of the "Seoul Race Park" station on line #4 was the Race Ground station. The place`s name changed to the Seoul Race Park because of the bad image about gambling. Have you seen the "Seoul Race Park" short advertisement on the theater screen? The genre of `Race` addition gambling has many negative issues. Also a lot of people lost their money and failed actually because of the horse races. The Korean Horse Affairs Association has not tried to reform the image of the horse races since 1989.

Now, the Gwacheon-si Seoul Race Park not only has a better condition of a race track, but also a family park has been added to the environment. Every day they welcome a lot of visitors and efforts to operate valuable races that doesn`t promote gambling.

This weekend, why don`t you think about visiting the "Seoul Race Park" with your family or friends? You could experience something new!

Have you heard of the Royal Race?

Initially, the race was a simple match between the royal families and nobles in the 16th century. This race was called the `Sports of Kings.` However, the horses were no longer used for transportation in the modern society. So people just enjoyed the race visually and called the race `Spectator Sports`.

In addition, they called it as `Blood Sports,` because of the production of premium species of horses. People using only objective information guessed the horse`s victory, so that they called it `Cerebral Sports.`

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