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Presents for Students Living Alone
Yoo Ji-seung Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2009.04.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Just as soon as we saw the old year out and the new year in, spring has already arrived! Spring is the season all universities begin a new semester. Beginning a new semester, many empty studio apartments (one-rooms) are filled with university students.

Students who live far from university are looking for a place to live by themselves because they want to study their lessons with diligence. What do these students really need? The UOS Times` first `Living Tech` interviewed students who have been living by themselves to ask what they needed as gifts for their housewarming party.

Jeong In-young (Dept. of Statistics `07)

Because I live alone, presents I want to receive are necessities of life. Necessities of life, such as tissues to shampoo etc, are very important to students today. After I started to live alone in a studio apartment near the university, my friend gave me tissues as a housewarming party present.

As tissues are a daily necessity, those are useful to me. I have to often buy items for which I use every day and run out of. If you go and visit your friend living in a studio apartment, I recommend that you give your friend presents that they use every day. Household products would be great presents to your friend who is living alone.

Lee Sang-yup (Dept. of Physics `07)

If I receive something to eat, I would appreciate it. People living alone always need food. My home is far from the University of Seoul and I`ve started to live alone in a studio apartment near the university. My mother cooked everyday for my family when I lived at home, but now it is difficult for me to cook everyday.

Even if I would like to cook, I couldn`t buy various ingredients because grocery stores were selling only large quantities of groceries, which are too large quantities for me to cook and eat by myself. So I couldn`t cook a variety of dishes. So, when friends of mine come to my studio apartment and give me something to eat, I could get many nutrients from eating various dishes. Please give me something to eat. The more ... the better.

Shin Eun-ji (Dept. of Public Administration `07)

I think potted plants are good presents for students living alone. I felt free from home after I started living alone. I`ve started to feel lonely as time went by. So, not to make me feel lonely I have grown plants. Potted plants in a studio apartment have changed the desolate atmosphere to a lively one.

Because potted plants have this advantage, students living by themselves are likely to feel better when they receive plants. However, some students may have difficulty in growing plants, because they have not only to grow plants but also they have to do housework by themselves. So some recommend potted plants which are easy to grow as presents for these students.

Many students said they want to receive necessities of life, something to eat and potted plants as presents. Receiving presents makes them feel delighted. Furthermore, if they are given presents they need, their delight would double.

If giving presents for students living alone as suggested in this article, then UOSian would have good sense, when UOSian go to students` housewarming party.

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