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It`s all New UOS!
Yang Eun-jee / Hwang Yoon-jeong Junior Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2009.12.06  
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Recently, the University of Seoul (UOS) students heard good news that it is a designated name in the subway station. University of Seoul Station was added to Cheongnyang-ri Station. Before the actual station name indicating the UOS was not listed and people used to ask where the UOS was located because they couldn’t find the name on the subway line map.

Most schools in Seoul are written on the subway stations, so people can easily find universities via the subway. In fact, many people travel by subway, so they usually look at the subway line maps. Therefore, the UOS can get more public recognition as a result. From now on, people can find the UOS faster, and more easily. University of Seoul Station is on subway line #1. This line connects many principal places in Seoul. So we expect an increase in awareness of the UOS.

The UOS promoted putting their name on the subway as a way to improve recognition of school and appealed to the city government of Seoul to list the name of the UOS on the subway. As a result, and through some administration processes, the city officials permitted the addition of the name of the UOS. Needless to say, the UOS students are pleased about this exciting news!!

The UOS is continuously changing; especially the environment of the campus is becoming more and more beautiful. The UOS Times wrote about the construction of the UOS in a 98th edition of the magazine. At that time many students were not satisfied with it. They felt inconvenient and were uncomfortable because of the noise, dust, and muddy roads. But the construction is almost completed. A small waterfall was created in front of the Student Hall.

In addition, a fountain was constructed in front of Baebong Hall. The UOS planned ‘Vision 2018’ from 2007 to 2011. The title of this project is ‘Top Brand UOS.’ This plan is divided into ten strategies. The 4th strategy is the improvement of the welfare of the students. According to this plan, a UOS training house is planned to be built. In fact, it is being constructed now and it will be finished in March 2010.

This building will have accommodations, restaurants, seminar rooms, and a sports area. Also, a Western food restaurant is scheduled to be constructed on the 2nd floor in this University facility. In addition the UOS have a new law school. These changes are important to increase the school’s competitiveness. Actually, most of the famous schools in Seoul have law schools. Therefore, if the UOS doesn’t have one then most of people may consider that the UOS is not one of the main schools in Seoul. Also, the UOS has rebuilt the outdoor tennis court.

The construction began in late March and finished in late August. The Jungangno was repaired as well. This construction was completed in November. Due to this, the students of the UOS can study comfortably sitting on chairs which are in Jungangno and they are not disturbed by the passing traffic either because of a road maintenance and improvement project. The lounges in Main Library have been completely remodeled. The one in 1st floor was for using the computers, but students had to stand last semester. Now they can use the computer sitting down and there are some sofas to have a rest as well. The other one is in 2nd floor and it became a space for group studying. In addition, two convenience stores were created on campus for the welfare and ease of the students. Needless to say, these changes have upgraded the campus life of the university!

Tables and benches are installed beside a artificial stream

On November 19th, the UOS scholarship policy was revised. The Grade Superiority Scholarship became the Schoolwork Superiority Scholarship. If a student got more than the average of 3.0 last semester and was in the top 30% of the class, he or she could receive a full tuition scholarship or a school supporting association fee or partial tuition depending on their grade before the revision. From now on, students can receive all their tuition, if they get more than a 3.5 average last semester and are in the top 10% in the class. Students can also receive half of their tuition if they got more then a 3.0 average last semester and are in the top 30% of the class. Before the changes, a student could not get both the Jihak Scholarship and Grade Superiority Scholarship.

However, a student can get both of them now with the Superiority Jihak Scholarship. If they qualify for the scholarship, they will receive all their tuition. More importantly, those students who get financial support from scholarships should pay attention to the revision. Before the changes, students who fit for Jihak Scholarship could receive a scholarship no matter what grade they got. But now, they must get more than an average of 2.6 to receive all the tuition. If they don’t, they can only obtain half of the tuition. There is a new scholarship that will be offered called the Diligent Study Scholarship. If students who receive financial support get good grades, they can receive an additional two hundred thousand to three hundred thousand won as a study subsidy every month. More and more students may study without concerns about money problems. Due to revision of the scholarship funds, the sphere of recipients has increased. Furthermore, more students will be able to get a scholarship because of the change in the guidelines for the scholarships.

Students who stay out of school temporarily also can take courses for 6 credits in winter and summer session once. The cross registration system is not available to them. In addition, they should register for one semester after coming back to school even though they meet the terms for graduation.

Next year, a cultural studies course will materialize. The total number of new subjects will be 16, consisting of five foreign ones. One of the new courses will be a Spanish course. In the past, the UOS students couldn’t learn Spanish as subject at our university. So students who were interested in learning to speak Spanish might go to an academy or a language institute to study Spanish. Now, they don’t have to!! Another foreign subject that will be offered is Russian.

Russian is one of the official languages of United Nations. The official languages of United Nations are English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian. The UOS seems to be combining internationalization together with globalization. According to ‘Vision 2018,’ the UOS plans to expand the number of foreign university exchange programs to more than two hundred. Also, the UOS plans to increase the number of English classes. In addition, an advanced Japanese class will be initiated. Originally, the Japanese classes have only been beginner and intermediate levels. That also, classes involved in business and society will also increase.

The goals and 2010 development plans of the Division of Liberal Arts and Teacher’s Education are: 1. Active knowledge (how to know, not what to know) and cultivation: Students need to learn new ways to acquire knowledge. So we will organize subjects which create means for this ability which will help students obtain new knowledge for themselves. 2. Post economical knowledge (how to overlap, not to stay put) cultivation: We will help students coordinate various areas of knowledge with their major.

We will organize subjects which students can develop abilities and gain more knowledge through. 3. Knowledge to cope with the reality of life (how to be pragmatic) cultivation: We think that separation between pure knowledge and practical knowledge is not meaningless anymore. So we will organize subjects which help students to conceive how their knowledge may apply to their everyday life.

Next year the College of Law and Public Administration will turn into the Public Affairs and Economics. In addition, the Department of Public Administration, the School of Law, the Department of International Relations, the School of Economics, the Department of Science in Taxation, and the Department of Social Welfare will belong to the Public Affairs and Economics. In the past, the UOS didn’t have a Public Affairs and Economics. Korea University has a College of Political Science & Economics.

Both Seoul National University and Yonsei University have a College of Social Sciences instead of a Public Affairs and Economics. The reformation of the college means many things. First, the reformation creates a more efficient administration because the similar departments were combined. Second, this change may increase the overall image of the UOS which would enhance public awareness.

The Department of Public Administration and the Department of Science in Taxation have a relatively high cut-off line to register for them at the UOS. So the combination of these two departments will create a better image for the University.

The UOS is trying to improve the popularity of the UOS. Compared with 2008, advertisements, presentations, and correspondence have increased in 2009. Furthermore, the UOS students visit their alma mater to introduce the UOS which is extremely effective. Many freshmen said they knew about the UOS because of their seniors. In other words, a few freshmen knew about the UOS after the college entrance exam. So the UOS has to try to inform high school graduate students.

In addition, more and more high school students use the internet to get information about universities. Therefore, PR via the internet is important. The UOS needs to revitalize the PR information available on the internet. After all, the UOS needs to hold an entrance examination presentation because high school students are interested in everything but its name.

Do you know that symbol of the UOS will be set up? This plan will start in March, 2010 and will finish in May 2010. ‘ㅅ’ shape means an initial of the UOS (서울시립대). Or it will symbolize the Chinese letter of man’in’(人). ‘S’ shape which spins symmetrically means an English initial of UOS. The shape which flies high as a spiral symbolizes the students of the UOS who take flying jumps. This symbol will infuse pride into the heart of the UOS students and will increase the overall image of the UOS. The UOS Times expect that the future will hold an increase in the overall recognition of the UOS. More importantly, we look forward to developing the UOS collectively as members of the UOS.

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