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Singer Kyoowon, Spread Your Wings
Hwang Yoon-jeong Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2010.03.08  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
I met Kyoowon in front of the traffic lights. It was drizzling that day. He was the man whom I had imagined after listening to his music. His voice was tender and sweet.

Kyoowon graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature in the University of Seoul (UOS) in 2008. He is a new respectable singer who released two singles and a formal album. Astonishingly, these albums were made in his house without any soundproof facilities. More surprisingly, not only did he write his own lyrics but also he composes, plays, and records all the music by himself. His new album, ‘The Story Made by Twice Winter’ was selected as ‘domestic album of this week’ by NAVER the last week of January.

I wondered why he chose a career as a musician because it was totally different from his major. He responded by stating, “I got a job before I graduated from school. Soon after, I felt frustrated because I was doing a job that I didn’t like and I realized then that music and I are forever entangled.”

In addition, he mentioned that the desire to create music was enough for him to remove worries about work, so he quit his job immediately and began to concentrate on his music. His brother brought a guitar when he was about 15 years old and he started to learn and practice guitar by himself. He played various instruments and recorded it by using a computer; consequently, his skills became excellent the more he practiced. He said it was not difficult to change his life because he had continuously been practicing and playing music.

He emphasized that it is very important to do something steadily. He also added to the UOS students, “If you find what you want to do, do not think it is too late to do it. I hope you just do it!” He is cool because he found and did what he wants to do.

What does he want to say through his new album? “Songs are translated through love stories, but I tried more. The messages that I wanted to include are about faith, choice, death, and destiny” he said. His music tears down a wall between stories and images. He told me, “I don’t like to write the lyrics specifically because it limits people’s thoughts. Therefore I made them by implication so they can be imagined purely by listeners. I leave it up to the listeners to interpret their own meaning.”

He has a deep affection for music. He wants to experience various types of music and not just narrow-minded music. He always finishes all process of making an album by himself. “I think it doesn’t seem like my music if I don’t make it from the beginning to the end. I want to make music to include my own story. I think ordinary music can be changed to be a more special one when my stories are added,” he said.

That’s why he creates music alone. I asked if there is anything difficult about making music. “I feel nervous when I don’t get ideas but I decided not to worry because it will all appear in a good time. I don’t feel any difficulties except during these times.” he said. I could feel that he loves music very much.

I asked him what his goals are as a new singer. He stated that, “I always plan short-term goals. Releasing a second album is the only new goal for me. I want people to listen to my music.” More importantly, he tries to connect with people through his blog ( He also broadcasts on the internet and interacts with viewers on Wednesday and Sunday at 10:00 p.m.(

However, he stopped on the air for a while because he questioned his capabilities. I recognized that he is very modest. He said he can get strength through people’s encouragement and support. In conclusion, it was a pleasure to speak with Kyoowon and I give him a warm round of applause for his future possibilities and for his passion about his music.
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