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[0호] 승인 2010.04.06  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Yang Chan-sik School of Business Administration

I`m glad that I could become a member The UOS TIMES. During probation, I late the cub-reporter lesson two times and I had a bad score in employment exam. So I feel responsibility about future activity. But I will do my best, I show perfect performance in The UOS Times.
As The UOS TIMES cub-reporter, I want to experience several parts and meet several people. For example, I want to interview well-known person, like Ann Cheol-su. And I want to share this experience with UOS Students. In order to do that, I try to hear what the UOS students want. And from now on I will deliver the useful news and I`ll see you at 103rd The UOS Times.

Yun Bo-ram School of Business Administration

I am so happy to be a cub-reporter of `The UOS Times.` When I was young, I saw a drama titled `Everything of Eve` and the storyline was about reporters who really had passion for their work. I was impressed. I thought that a `Reporters` job would be the envy of every women. Now, I am surprised and grateful that I could become a reporter. It is my goal to do my best and write impressive articles. I eagerly look forward to being great reporter and more importantly, someone who is envied by everyone!!

Park Hye-ryeong School of Business Administration

Hello! I`m really happy to be a cub-reporter of The UOS Times. It was a very tough week to be a cub-reporter. As they say, "No pains, No gains!" From now on, I have determined some resolutions for myself. Most importantly, I should study English hard because I want to deliver an excellent article to the UOS students. While I am the cub- reporter, I will learn many things to become a good reporter. Of course, as a reporter, it will be hard to handle any conflict of opinions; however, I hope that I handle the problem wisely. I am certain that being a reporter will add excitement to my life!

Kim Tae-yi School of Business Administration

I have got to do this; this is the chance that I have been looking for. When I saw the recruitment advertisement for news reporters for the UOS Times, it was what I thought, I wanted to do at that moment in time. I have been always interested in writing, and was seeking for an opportunity to use my English which I learned while I was in the States. So I thought maybe, why don`t I give it a shot, it might be very difficult to get in, but it will not hurt to give it a try! And, I am here right now, writing my very first article that will be on the back cover page of the UOS Times, which have my name and picture attached to it. How exciting!!,
I am extremely happy to be a new member of the UOS Times. Surely, I and my fellow reporters have worked hard to earn this position. Because of that, I am willing to do my best! Please keep an eye on my writing and do not hesitate to point out my mistakes or errors, because that is how we learn and grow to be better!!
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