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Willingness is the Key to Improvement
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[0호] 승인 2010.09.04  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
At the beginning of every year, many people usually make a New Year’s Resolution for themselves; to work out regularly, quit smoking, and so on. Did you also make a new plan and keep it so far? In my case, I do not even remember whether I made a plan or not. If you are an ordinary person like me, I think you also have lost your pace in keeping your new year’s plan. But remember that it is never too late to start something you have decided to do. You can start whenever you want to. I t is just a matter of your willingness, not the time of year.

Therefore, The UOS Times also made new plans and changes, though it is not the beginning of a new year. Do you notice a little changes in The UOS Times? As you can see on the left page, The UOS Times reorganized some contents. We removed the Living Tech and Global UOSian sections and added two new kickers; Fun N Study and Opinion. You may wonder why we changed them suddenly. Before I answer your question, you had better think why people usually make new plans for each year. Because they want to improve themselves, they make plans! Since the time of year does not matter, we decided to reorganize the contents.

Since The UOS Times is written in English, it is true that some of the students who are the main target readers of our magazine think it is too difficult to read. So they have avoided reading it. Therefore, we thought that it is necessary to give more interesting information and induce participation of readers. Because of these reasons, Fun N Study introduces practical idioms and expressions which can be used in our daily lives. The Opinion section, as you can guess by its name, stands for gathering readers’ opinions about our magazine. Also, to give you more information and add reporter’s point of view, we increased the number of pages of the Review section. We hope these changes can make The UOS Times better and closer to you, our readers.
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