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Consistency of Purpose is the Key of Success
Reporter Jeong Yu-mi  |
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[0호] 승인 2010.09.04  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

The Pied Piper is performing a song using flute to control the green ogres. The flute sound makes ogres to dance just like Korean B-boys and to perform a Korean fan dance which made every Korean to be surprise. People will wonder how our Korean culture is presented from Sherk. The reason is because Yong-duk Jhun, the head of the layout in Dreamworks, did extraordinary work to the film inserting Korean style.

Don’t you feel proud of Yong-duk, who is the leader of numerous layout artists from many countries and who actually made ogres to dance in Korean way? I couldn’t be more proud by the fact that Korean guy is leading the animation in outer place. But there is one more surprising connection between him and us; he graduated from the University of Seoul (UOS). Readers may wonder how he gets a chance to show his ability to the most popular animation. In this article, we will follow his path that he walked since his graduation from the UOS to become the head of the layout, which is movie director in shooting.

Why he decided to go abroad?

After he finished his university education at the UOS, he entered a firm as an art director. He had a pleasant time working at his first company but faced a sudden turning point. It was from his friend who decided to quit his job and to study abroad. This friend made Yong-duk to think about his future. In Korean society, people who promoted to the high position are someone who stayed at company long time not the one who worked hard.

He felt depressed with his predictable future and felt a desire to do something different just like a challenge. It wasn’t easy to drop everything he had and moved America to start his study which didn’t guarantee anything. But in order to learn animation it is hard to learn it in Korea because there was few schools teach animating at that time. Therefore despite he had to drop what he had, he decided to get on a flight to USA.

From University Graduation to Dreamworks

When you go abroad, you will find graduating is rather easier than getting a job after finishing college. At the time when Yong-duk graduated, only three people out of twentyfive Korean alumni. The problem when you are not employed, you cannot stay at USA no longer than one year. This year is for Optional Practical Training which let unemployed graduates to get a job. However, if they stay as unemployed, they had to go back to Korea. In order to prevent this happening, most of people go back to the university or change their visa so that they can stay longer.

Dreamworks is the third company where he was employed. He started his first job in USA at a small nonprofit company in New York for four months. Even it wasn’t big company but the experience he gain from this company become a steppingstone for him to the major league. After he moved to company at the Chicago, he could be compative enough to be a layout designer at the Dreamworks. Because he didn’t know what layout artists do and what know the layout work when he graduate from school.

Achiving experience and knowledge at his secone company, Big Idea, he could be up-graded to the next level. Yong-hun strongly believes that students need to focus on gaining experience rather than on getting enrolled in large company since American companies mind to hire non-experience employee.

Layout Artist to Head of Layout

You may wonder what is different from Layout artist to Head of Layout. The biggest differences between the Layout designer and the Head of Layout are the responsibility and the amount of work. When he was a Layout designer, what he needed to do is just complete assignments you have no matter you know the whole story. It is given from head of layout who sees the overall picture of the film. Yong-duk used to be a layout artist when he worked on the movie called Over the Hedge and Father of the Pride.

When he was a layout artist, he made possible fifteen scenes of the story that he assigned from his manager. This was way more amount of work than just making ten scenes which is the minimum work they should done. He went home later than nobody while went to work earlier than anyone else. More importantly, he didn’t draw a line between my work and colleague’s work. He was willing to help others’ work when he was done with his. His boss got impressed by his passionate attitude toward the work which gave Yong-duk the position of Head of Layout in the movie called Kung Fu Panda. He has made more films as a Head of Layout, which means he never lost his behavior when he is working.

Every moment of interview made me to think his passionate attitude toward what he wanted to do was his key to success. Many of the UOS students may dream about going abroad and getting a job in foreign country. According to Yong-duk, “Studying abroad cannot be successfully done unless you work every second. If you wished to spend some of your time for enjoyment and satisfaction before you leave, I would say, “Don’t waste your time.”” What Yong-duk has completed couldn’t be done without his never-stop trial, endurance, and his ability. Everything is up to you!

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