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New Recreation Culture Baseball Parks!
Yoon Bo-ram Junior Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2010.10.05  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Do you think that the general sport in Korea is the soccer? Of course, 5 years ago it was right. But, nowadays it is not true!! You may probably know, ‘the hype’ of the World Cup? Although the thrill of the World Cup lasted for just a short time, baseball excitement is happening all the time. Because of this, the baseball is becoming more of our general sport in Korea.

It is not only about watching the baseball game, but also hanging out at the baseball stadiums are interesting. For these reasons, many different types of people have come to enjoy it more. The baseball parks provide us with a lot of events for entertainment. Below is a description of the many interesting things that I had the opportunity to experience in two different baseball stadiums.

At Jamsil Baseball Stadium:

When I went to buy a ticket, many people waited in the scorching sun to purchase their seat for the ball game. That day, Jamsil Stadium was full of couples, families, and friends, and many people were having fun because of a variety of attractions. In the cheering section, the captain of a cheerleading squad directs and the cheerleaders perform for the players and the spectators.

Not only the cheerleaders, but also young girls wearing form-fitting baseball uniforms are always interesting to see. Another interesting fact was that a three-year old girl also enjoyed holding cheering sticks in her hands! How cute she was!Before the match began, there was a punch game played in the stadium. Anybody can take part in this game and whoever wins this game, receives a great prize.

Many women as well as men visit baseball parks frequently. Although I was not able to experience it, occasionally there is a ‘Queen’s Day’ event at Jamsil. The baseball park offers a general admission seat at a 2,000 KRW discount and gives out free VIPS salad bar meal tickets for all the female fans. Also, there is an ‘Office Worker’s Day’ event where vouchers for free cans of beer are given to adult audiences on a first-come, first-serve basis.

At Munhak Baseball Stadium:

The word ‘a general sport’ is true to its nature. The stadium was quite big and was full of people. I could see many people around my age. Munhak Stadium is exciting as well because you can enjoy the game, and you also can roast pork belly over a hot grill. Many families laid on mats and enjoyed the holiday with family and friends in the stadium. It was a lovely day because it was “Proposal Day!” Some of the proposals appeared on the big screen. So, the newly engaged couples were blessed by many other people. In addition, the numbers written on the game tickets were being randomly drawn and many prizes were awarded.

Other Events:

In addition, there were staring contests, dancing contests, and miscellaneous activities in the other stadiums. The most awesome event is probably the KISS TIME!! After the bottom half of the fifth inning was over, some couples appear on the display randomly. What comes up next, the couples have to kiss...and they will win a prize. Well, actually it may be not ‘have to kiss’ but ‘voluntary kiss!’

Needless to say it also feels terrific to cheer for my team. Whenever the players enter on the field the crowd can sing the player’s cheering song and dance too. It is essential eating chicken and beer while enjoying the game! Relaxing is even easier because the so-called ‘Draught Beer Men’ sell draft COLD beer directly to you. Also, watching the players during the game is very entertaining. Most baseball players are very tall, big, and handsome. So, they are popular among the women.

In addition, many people enjoy blogging about their experience watching a game at the baseball parks. When I went to watch a baseball game, I felt passion and energy at the stadium. I think that perhaps baseball is positioning itself to be a second recreational culture in Korea. If you are looking for something new and interesting, just go to a baseball park. You really might enjoy it...I know I did!!

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