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[0호] 승인 2011.03.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
It was quite cold this winter. Lots of snow and ice caused severe damages such as property damage and casualties. But fortunately, I had a chance to visit Singapore this past winter vacation. Singapore is near the equator, so while my friends and family in Korea suffered from the cold, I had a great time in Singapore enjoying the warm weather. It was my very first time traveling alone for that long (about a week), and only my second time going abroad.

Before going on a trip, I was very stressed because of all the work I had to do at the end of the semester. Not only all the exams and assignments, but also making plan for the trip was the cause of my stress. Eventually, I finalized all of the details to go abroad from booking hostels to buying airline tickets. Such tasks could be familiar to most of you. However, since I had never traveled alone, I was very proud of myself to successfully plan a trip from beginning to end. I made two good friends while traveling and wandered around anywhere I wanted to go. What if I did not decide to travel alone? What if I gave up this opportunity because of the stress? Then I could not have experienced what I did and would never have known how to deal with all the problems I faced during my trip.

Starting something new always makes people feel nervous, and as mentioned above, I am no exception. Therefore, in this issue of the magazine, we have prepared lots of helpful information for beginners, not just freshmen. To enhance your school life, we are giving you some useful information in the Cover Story. And to youths who are struggling because of their uncertain future, the popular English teacher Lee Guen-cheol will help guides you towards a better future. Finally, to enliven your tight routine, we will show you how to make DIY things. We hope these articles are helpful for you, our readers.

Even though I was not in good condition at the preparation step of the travel, I prepared everything I needed step by step. My wish is that you will not give up getting ready for your future. If you want to achieve what you dreamed, you should endure the difficulties you are facing now. Do not hesitate any longer, just start planning for the future. There is a saying, ‘Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.’

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