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In March, a new school year begins at the University of Seoul (UOS). So ‘Jane,’ a freshman, is very excited about starting her UOS life. As a freshman at UOS, she dreams about several things: blind dates, campus couples, and so on.

First, welcome to UOS. You are now exposed to a new world. So your emotions will be put into on overdrive. Remember though, you are not a teenager anymore so you must take responsibility for your actions.

On the other hand, you no longer have to worry about the entrance examination or high school grades. As seniors of UOS, we will now introduce several activities and benefits at UOS for freshman. These will be very helpful for both freshmen and seniors as well, so check out our article and enjoy these activities!

Student Council Activities

The Student Council represents all UOS students. So they prepare activities and provide services which are beneficial for all students. For example, they negotiate tuition fees with the President of Student Affairs. Also, in order to improve UOS awareness, they supply press releases to several media outlets. They also provide legal advice and hold book bazaars.

The 47th present student council has prepared several events such as freshmen orientation, a two day and one night volunteer program, the school festival (Daedongjae), the 2011 Jeonnong Sports Festival, the UOS Idea Festival, and so on. As a member of UOS, you can plan several student council activities. So if you are interested in student council activities, please refer to the student council homepage. ( In addition, if you have trouble in your school life, just call them. They will do their best to try to solve your problem. (Tel. 02-2210-2361)

Student Counseling Center

Did you know that UOS was ranked first overall for our love for UOS in the ERISS index? The Student Counseling Center (SCC) has confidence in the student mental health administration program because they think this program helped UOS achieve this first place ranking. During freshmen orientation, you can take a psychology test. And the center will provide you with the test results during the semester.

Then if you need counseling, you can meet a student counselor. In addition, you can seek counsel on the student counseling center homepage. ( The SCC also has another annual program. During the spring semester, they train gender equality guardians. And during the school festival, they run a gender equality campaign. During the fall semester, they also train of mental health guardians. And in November, they hold several workshops concerning student mental health.

Also, if you want an aptitude or personality test, you can do it immediately for free. So if you need some help adjusting to your new life, you should feel free to visit the SCC. The SCC is located in the Student Hall on the 2nd Floor. (Tel. 02-2210-2303)

Examination Preparation Classes

Are you busy preparing for national or qualifying examinations? Then you can refer to one of UOS’ examination preparation classes. Our school manages four National Examination classes (Bar Exam, Public Administration Exam, Foreign Service Exam and Technology Exam) and six Qualifying Examination classes (CPA Exam, Tax Accountant Exam, Appraisal Exam, Patent Agent Exam, Custom Agent Exam, and Labor Attorney Exam).

If you want to join an examination class, you must pass the primary exam first. The class manager will then select 212 new students for Examination classes which run from June to September. So if you need more information, visit the Examination Class office or call them. (Tel. 02-2210-2412) But in March, the office will re-locate to the first floor of the Student Dormitory.

Career Development Center

Nowadays, universities are graded by their graduation-to-employment rates. Many students want programs which focus on helping them on their respective career paths. To meet this need, UOS opened the Career Development Center (CDC) to provide services for students. They provide a job ability reinforcement program in which students can participate in a job information camp where they can realize what they want to do and acquire experiences, job skills and knowledge. Then they can find mentors who have graduated from UOS and who work for companies that students are interested in working for. So students can get a lot of information about different corporations.

Finally, you can participate in the pre-interview program where you can learn how to handle corporate interviews. The center also holds a corporation recruitment Expo which gives students a chance to be recruited by large corporations. In addition, they supply a lot of information about part-time jobs and contests. So if you check the center’s homepage(, you can help build towards your career more easily. Therefore, do not forget to check out this homepage. The CDC is located in the Student Hall on the first Floor. (Tel. 02-2210-2345)

University Health Center

And now we will introduce you to the University Health Center (UHC). The UHC provides several physical checkup programs for free. At the end of March and September, the center provides lung and tuberculosis checkups. You can check your body mass index (BMI) at any time, and you can get information about how to get healthier. Moreover, on Wednesdays you can get medical treatments for free. If you get hurt at UOS, visit the UHC as soon as possible. In 2010, they started a quit smoking program. However, it has not yet been decided if this program will continue in 2011. If you want to get more information, visit the center’s homepage. ( The UHC is also located in the Student Hall on the 2nd Floor. (Tel. 02-2210-2286)

Institute of International Cooperation and Education

Do you want to make foreign friends? Do you want to start your career in an overseas corporation? Do you want to go abroad? Then read on! UOS sends about 300 exchange students every year. to guide exchange students in adapting to life at UOS, UOS created the ‘UOS buddy program.’ Through the program, exchange students are paired with Korean students. Korean students can help exchange students and build friendships with them. If you want to expand your English ability, you can register for the winter vacation English camp. This camp is an English-only environment, so you can build confidence in your English in a short period of time. And when the International Dormitory is completed, it will be also be used as a lodging camp.

If you want to attend a foreign school, you can apply for an exchange student program or obtain a degree abroad. UOS has agreements with several universities in Europe, Asia, and North America. So if you have good grades, it is well worth attempting to join one of these programs. You can also apply for the Global Internship Program. This program helps students not only to experience foreign languages and culture but also to build up their executive abilities. There is a program you can take during winter vacation.

This program is called the Global Export Program (GEP). This program can help you learn about foreign economies, cultures and societies. If you are interested in any of these programs, visit the Institute of International Cooperation and Education homepage. ( (Tel. 02-2210-5060)

UOS Apps

There are smartphone applications (apps) available which student council worked on diligently in 2010. This work should have been done in conjunction with KT corporations but because of a problem with Apple, they have just been registered. They can be downloaded by searching for ‘The University of Seoul’ on the iPhone App store. It has nine kinds of menus and offers useful information to students such as UOS news, student council notices, remaining seats in the Main Library and restaurant menus. Android phone users can download this application by searching for ‘시립대’ or ‘UOSroid’ on the Android phone market.

UOS Lounge

When you are tired of studying in the Main Library or a classroom, there are some other options at UOS. There are spaces where you can use your computer such as each building’s PC room. The General Lecture and Law Institute’s lounge provide a quiet atmosphere to study in. Also, student lounge in the 21st Century Building on first floor also provides a relaxed atmosphere rather than an academic atmosphere where you can go when you want to play computer games or simply surf the internet.

And when you want to chat with friends or grab something to eat, you can go to the General Lecture and Law Institute’s ALTI Lounge. There is ‘Paris Baguette’ and five computers installed so you can use them whenever you want. There are also the Main Library women’s lounge and the Student Hall female’s lounge where you can take a nap for a short time. The Student Hall’s female-only lounge has a dark area where you can sleep and it is also air conditioned. However Unfortunately, some people feel at a loss because there is no male’s lounge.

Gangchon Training Center

UOS built the Gangchon Training Center last October. The natural center is located between the Bukhan River and Mt. Geombong in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. It was built to help enliven the spirit of youth as well as provide a venue for graduates. There are many activities and programs at the training center. For example, you can go mountain biking or rafting. Furthermore, UOS students and graduates are offered a 50% discount on basic fees. So if you have time, visit the Gangchon training center and enjoy yourself! ( (Tel. 033-262-3155)

Global cafe`S

The S-cafe is where you can meet and chat with foreign professors and international students freely in their respective languages. The cafe is located in room 5-428 in the Liberal Arts Building. Coffee and tea are available free of charge. Board games and many free English magazines are also available. If you feel uncomfortable speaking English, you can visit on Thursdays which are Korean language days.

Wellness Center

There is fierce competition over the usage of the fitness center which cost over two billion won to build. Regular customers can use the facilities just by renewing their memberships and the other vacancies will be filled with new customers. With this being said, the “Wellness Center” will accept application forms on every first day of each month at 6 a.m., which seem to make some students stay up all night in anticipation of registering.

Activities for University Students

A typical collegiate activity is the ‘Donghaeng Project.’ This project provides after-school learning and artistic sector activities for elementary, junior high and high schools. Volunteers are trained and then placed in a school. Through this activity, students can complete community service credits. Another activity where students can gain experience is through a part time job at Seoul City Hall. Those who receive a government subsidy for living expenses are given priority to apply for this volunteer activity and application forms are limited to university students. All that being said, it is preferable to apply for the program as a UOS student as the university gets budget support from the municipal government.

Those who have to complete obligatory military service can apply for the “KOICA World Friends Korea” program if they wish to devote themselves to the international society during their military service period. KOICA is a humanitarian project that provides basic assistance to people in developing countries who are suffering from absolute poverty. “KOICA World Friends Korea” is basically a program that dispatches someone to a certain sector such as education, public health service, public administration or communication service as international cooperative personnel overseas.

Applications were initially received mainly from Asia, but, because there are now many more applicants than the program expected, the boundaries have extended to include Central and South America. A small salary is also provided as they work with the program for 30 months. Applicants can be dispatched overseas as an expeditionary army officer if they pass the two prerequisite stages.


Your success depends on you alone. However, when you look around, you can easily find out many programs for which can help your dreams. So do not waste time any more developing your life plan. It will not be easy at first to make a plan, but you will be one step closer to your dream, and a satisfying life. We hope that your UOS life is a happy and enjoyable one!

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