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[0호] 승인 2011.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
On the Review page, we covered the issue of adult plays. Because of their own unique characteristics, adult plays cannot avoid being sensitive topics, especially in the conservative Korean society. Many people become interested and watch them. Not only the reporter in charge of the review, but also other reporters went to the theater to watch the play for same reason. As one of the reporters who went, the main reason for me to go to the theater was my own curiosity. I cannot say that I was not tempted by its sensualism. Frankly, it was the worst play I have ever seen. If it contained any kind of storyline or lesson, it would not be the worst. There was nothing but a naked woman.

At this point, I was thinking about essentials. In a play, there should be performances and plots which people can evaluate its quality. But many of the people who are heading to the play do not care about those things but they only care the naked actress. We should be aware about what is the core and what is periphery. Otherwise, it will become a ‘put the cart before the horse’ situation. This also happens in other media. They cover too many lascivious stories all the time. For example, a divorce suit between Korean a singer and an actress was a big issue for a while. It was their personal affair but all media and people paid big attention to it. It does not affect people’s own lives so it is unnecessary for them being interested in it.

In this context, the real important thing as University of Seoul students is to focus on the incorporation of national or public universities in Korea. That will directly affect us by rising tuition fees and changing of university systems. However, at the general student meeting in March, only about ten percent of the whole student population participated. It shows that students do not care much about the matter which will affect them a lot.

The basic aim of The UOS Times is reporting about essential events to students so that they can be aware of what is happening. To keep following the essentials, we reported the incorporation of our university this time of Cover Story. Watch us!
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