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[0호] 승인 2011.10.18  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
In this edition of the magazine, The UOS Times is going to introduce you the “Global Challenger Program (GCP).” GCP is a special program which provides the University of Seoul (UOS) students with the opportunity to take lectures from various international universities and to have first-hand cultural, lingual, and economical experience in different cities around the world.

GCP is a four weeks program; two weeks of receiving lectures in a local university and two weeks of free traveling with teammates. This ambitious program is to equip the UOS students with cosmopolitan outlooks and expertise, thus allowing students to have an advantage in this competitive society.

GCP is similar to Global Expert Program (GEP) except the difference that GEP is open only in winter and GCP, during the summer period. In order to provide specific information to those who may be interested in GCP, The UOS Times interviewed Hwang Se-lim (School of Business Administration, Sophomore), who successfully completed four weeks of GCP. Generally, GCP applicants can decide to spend their two week course in either England or Singapore, and Se-lim chose to take classes in Singapore and travel to different cities in Southeast Asia. She stayed at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and took leadership programs with students from all around the world for two weeks. With a smile on her face during the interview, she recalled her experiences at NTU.

She said, “It was very interesting and impressive to communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds in English! In contrast to most Korean students who are shy and hesitant to talk to strangers, most foreign students I met there were active and talkative.” She also said she was surprised by the size of campus as well as the diverse menus available in the cafeteria.

After two weeks at NTU, the other two weeks were all about traveling. Se-lim teamed up with three other GCP applicants and traveled Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. All three places she went were absolutely fantastic, but above all her trip to Malaysia was the most impressive. She had the chance to travel to major cities in Malaysia such as Langkawi, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur.

She said, “Beaches in Penang and Kuala Lumpur were particularly beautiful. The water was so clear that I could almost see the bottom. In addition, it was very interesting to try fresh tropical fruits like mangosteen and durian. Local people were really nice too.” She commented that it was very economical at the same time since the prices in Malaysia were generally cheap.

If you wish to spend a wonderful summer either in Singapore like Se-lim did or in England, you simply need to submit a few papers. To apply for GCP, students need to have a compeleted application form, transcripts, a research paper (in English), and a language certificate such as TOEIC, TOFEL, TEPS to show language proficiency. Those who pass the documentation stage will then have interviews with professors. During the interview, students will be evaluated mainly on their linguistic ability and willingness to experience cultural diversity. Semester grades account for 30 percent of the criteria; language proficiency 30 percent; interview 30 percent; and research paper 10 percent to objectively evaluate GCP applicants.

Once you pass the documentation and interview stages, you are free to leave! The UOS financially supports more than 60 percent of the total cost of the program including home stay or dormitory fee, airfare, and visa requesting fees. When The UOS Times asked Se-lim for advice to give to the readers, she said without hesitation, “Challenge yourself!” She knew that her English and grades were not as good as others.

However, she overcame her relative weaknesses by showing her courage and enthusiasm for GCP during the interview. The result of challenging herself gave her an unforgettable experience and life-long memories in Singapore. So those who want to have wonderful summer like Se-lim, apply for the Global Challenger Program!

Choi Ji-in/Cub-Reporter/
Jun Hyung-Kyu/Cub-Reporter/
Kim Hyeon-ji/Cub-Reporter/
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