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Hello readers! In this article, I am going to introduce an American drama called “Grey’s Anatomy.” This drama first broadcast in 2005 and season eight will premiere on September 22. The main characters are Izzie Stevens, Meredith Grey, George O’Malley, Alex Karev and Cristina Yang. This drama is a medical drama. Many people might think that medical dramas are terrible and difficult because of bloody surgery scenes and complicated medical terms. However, Grey’s Anatomy is a little bit different. Although there are some bloody surgery scenes, the characters’ love stories are what makes this drama interesting. The main characters who are doing their medical internships have a hard time at Seattle Grace Hospital. While doing their demanding internships, they learn about love. In this article I am going to deal with expressions and vocabulary from Grey’s Anatomy.

Alex Karev got punched in the right eye so his right eye is black and blue. While he is looking at his right eye in a mirror, Izzie Stevens comes in.

Izzie: Let me see it. No accretions, almost swelling. George really knocked you around.
Karev: That’s a light weight. Could have pinned him in a second if I wanted.
Izzie: Yeah? so why didn’t you?
Karev: Are you kidding? I’m writing a career in plastics all the way to the bank. Can’t afford to injure these babies. Fetching over someone like O’Malley.
Izzie: You had it coming.
Karev: The dude punches like my sister.
Izzie: Oh, so by your definition then you got beat up by a girl?

Accretion 부착물 That’s a light weigh 살짝 스친거야 I’m writing a career in plastics all the way to the bank 성형외과 지원해서 떼돈을 벌거야 You had it coming 인과응보야 By your definition 네 말대로

Addison Shepherd is examining a pregnant patient. Izzie is surprised to learn that the patient is pregnant with triplets and makes a slip of tongue. So, Addison rebukes her for making a mistake.

Patient’s husband: Uh, Adam’s got a fever, which means soon they’ll all have a fever. I don’t think my mom’s gonna make it through lunch.
Patient: We have 4-year-old boys at home. Adam, Oliver and Graham.
Izzie: Triplets? You… You already have triplets? Oh, I guess when you take those fertility pills, you should read the fine print.
Addison: Dr. Stevens!
Izzie: Oh, I’m sorry. I just, I meant it as a……
Patient: It’s okay. I’m used to it. I just really wanted a girl.
Addison: Try not to say everything that pops into your brain.

Triplets 세 쌍둥이 Fertility pills 피임약 Try not to say everything that pops into your brain 생각나는 대로 함부로 말하지 말아라

At a bar, George, Meredith and Izzie are talking about Cristina because Cristina had a miscarriage.

Izzie: Nobody goes through what she went through and she is totally over it by now.
George: Cristina can.
Meredith: She’s fine.
Izzie: Too fine. She’s cold.
George: No, She’s hard core. She’s got ice in her veins. She does what she has to do to get through.
Izzie: She lost a baby. She lost a fallopian tube and she’s acting like she doesn’t even care. She’s like ‘hello, I’m totally fine’ person. She’s my friend too but she’s acting like she has no emotions or warmth like she’s missing a soul.
George: God, she’s going to make a great surgeon. You show no weakness, you’ll make it to the top.
Meredith: Some people just keep their feelings to themselves.

Hard core 철저한, 단호한 She’s got ice in her veins 걔는 단지 완고하고 차가울 뿐이야 Fallopian tube 난관 You show no weakness, you make it to the top 약점을 보이지 않으면 성공하리라 Some people just keep their feelings to themselves 어떤 사람들은 감정을 드러내지 않기도 한다.

Meredith gets paged while drinking alcohol. It is because there was a train accident and the hospital is short-handed. So, Dr. Bailey makes her insert a medical bag.

Izzie: What are you doing?
Meredith: Trying to insert my banana bag, which sounds vaguely dirty, but it isn’t.
Izzie: I can do it.
Meredith: So, how’s it going with Addison? Bad mood? Good mood? Yay, my husband picked me mood?
Izzie: Uh, I think it’s more of a I hate the smell of charred flesh mood.
Meredith: Before you judge me, I know there was a train accident. People are very badly hurt. And that I’m a vapid narcissist when you mix me with alcohol. In case you were wondering, I know that.
Izzie: Well, for what it’s worth, I take issue with her salmon-colored scrubs. I mean, what self-respecting surgeon wears salmon-colored scrubs?
Meredith: That is what I’m saying.

Get paged 호출을 받다 Banana bag 정맥으로 주입하는 액체 For what it’s worth 도움이 될지 몰라도 Take issue with something 동의하지 않다, 마음에 들지 않다

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